Practical Spirituality I

Practical Spirituality I

"Practical Spirituality I:

Finding Spirit in Everyday Life"


“Practical Spirituality is a compilation of my life stories seen from a spiritual perspective. This book is written as a means of inspiration for those who enjoy reading spiritually based literature. Practical Spirituality I focuses on perceiving spirit in the small things of everyday situations and intends to give the reader an empowering perspective. We may not be able to transform our lives overnight but the secret is to make micro-changes that allow us to veer our destinies towards success”.

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Practical Spirituality I

Espiritualidad Práctica I

“Espiritualidad Práctica I

Cómo Encontrar la Espiritualidad en Nuestra Vida Cotidiana”


“Espiritualidad Práctica I es una compilación de historias con un enfoque espiritual que tienen la intención de inspirar a aquellos que disfrutan de esta clase de lectura. Con ellos propongo una perspectiva diferente basada en mi crecimiento personal y mi toma de conciencia resultante, ambos realizados durante más de dos décadas. Mi propósito es ayudarle a renovar su punto de vista de la realidad para que se pueda dar cuenta de que siempre tenemos una opción y que es esta elección lo que hace la diferencia entre una vida de vencedor y una vida de víctima”.

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Practical Spirituality II

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“Practical Spirituality II:

Learning to Succeed Through Spirit”

“These stories are written as a means of inspiration for those who enjoy reading spiritually based literature. Through them, I intend to give you different perspectives, a detached outlook, and my personal insight so that they can help you shift your view of your present reality and realize that we always have a choice and that it is this choice which makes the difference between a life of struggle and a life of empowerment”.

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Dr. Ana's Public Speaking - Complete Cov

“Dr Ana’s Course in Public Speaking: Transformation Through Self-expression”

"If you are looking only for tips and techniques of public speaking, don’t read further because you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for a course that will trigger a complete turnaround of your life by using public speaking as a tool or channel to reach out and give others a part of your soul, then you and I have met for a reason”.

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“Etheric DNA: The Blueprint for the Healing of the Planet”

“The 5 Pillars of Success is a program to help people transition from a life that just happens to them to a life of their own design. They are: Vision, Transition, Empowerment,   Heal the toxic emotions of your past in order to create a new beginning. Your life mirrors your intentions at all times: the Physical Universe never lies. Intend for fun and joy and open the gates to abundance”.

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“Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"

"We are living in a complex, some would say difficult times. Part of the difficulty of these times is that humans don't surrender to clarity and vision. This is because this requires that we release control. We understand control as our only way to survive when we feel fear: we hold tight to what we have or where we are in an attempt to diminish our anxiety, but this road doesn't take us very far"...


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“Advanced Healing: Energy Discussions

for Leading Light-workers”.

“In this EBook I discuss many advanced concepts of energy integration, evolution, personal power and spiritual awareness, all framed within experiences in my life. It is rather common to encounter problems in our daily living. Some of them may be considered small, inconvenient or plainly unpleasant, such as the television set breaking; other can be rather serious, such as a grave illness or important disagreements among family members, which can (and do!) damage relationships and destroy peoples’ happiness"...


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“Etheric DNA: The Blueprint

for the Healing of the Planet”

“The predatory way we are wiping out other species is both reflected in and partially caused by the obsession in our culture to accumulate wealth, often with no regard to that accumulation’s consequences to the ecosystem or to other humans. If taking the resources of other species is acceptable, why not take the resources of other humans, too?”

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