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A Thought About the Energy of Thoughts

"The way we use our thoughts is not a good investment: we give them away, we waste them, we are not careful with them... so we give away our life as we get drained, as we run out. But when we become frugal and focused in our thinking, we save our energy and invest it well.

Our thoughts are our creative energy; our realities are constructed firstly with our thoughts, then with the feelings that arise and finally, with the impulses to act on them. So if:

· we become energetically frugal (focused and contained)

· we review on what we put our thought-energy

· we make new choices for our life based on this proactive way of being (opposite to re-active)

it is possible to go beyond survival into thriving".

Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"



A Thought About the Energy of Thoughts

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