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A Bizarre Dream: Whales “Bubble-net”​ Feeding

One day last year I had an amazing dream: the most bizarre behaviour that a group of whales could possibly have – a group of 10 to 12 whales in a circle, vertically standing out of the water for a few minutes.

I was watching at a distance of about 2 kms from what seemed a boat or floating from the surface of the water. And since the whales didn’t seem to be doing much, I switched off and moved onto another dream. I thought it might be some kind of strange communication ritual or that “they were having a whale meeting” of sorts.

At the time, I left it be because I really didn’t think it was a real dream. But a couple of weeks ago, I saw the photo of the cover of this story browsing through Instagram, almost exact to my dream, and I was in such a shock that I left everything and started to research on the Internet.

The first concept that I came across was that of “spy-hoping”, where scientists think that whales rise and hold their position, slowly controlled for a few minutes, in order to “spy” or check out what is going on at the surface of the water.

But that was not it for me.

The second concept I came across and which is better known was “breaching” – in Whale totem language this means that something in your reality is ready to be manifested or “breached” out the waters of your subconscious into the physical world or “matter”.

That was not it either.

The third concept I came across was in the following website:

and it said: “Perhaps the most widely accepted theory of whale surface activity is that it is a non-vocal form of communication amongst whales. There have been many times when we are watching a whale that suddenly becomes active and then we observe splashes in the distance a short time later from other whales that we didn’t even know where in the area!”

My whole development for the last 30 years seems to be directed towards the field of communication in many of its variants, so this didn’t surprise me.

But that was still not it.

But I was getting closer because communication is my power, my natural git and my skill, my job and my passion. So the fourth concept I came across was in the website:

Whale Symbolism & Meaning

Is it time for you to dive deeply into your own soul? Do you need help rising up and breaking through barriers holding you back?”

If you are like me, dear reader, the moment you hear the words “holding you back” – well, you know, your back goes up! Because being held back means resisting our higher destiny and that is what I have been working towards for 24 years now: releasing the blocks to my highest potential.

The site continues to speak about “finding your personal song” but for this, I had to keep searching for what made me happy, for the work and jobs that would express my authenticity, focus and personality effortlessly.

A couple of years ago, Spirit told me (and I quote) that “I would be their spokesperson”. As I imagined myself with the microphone in my hand talking to people, never in a thousand years did I see what was coming next…

I have been in many jobs, several countries, many capacities… and there was always something missing – that was my freedom, my idiosyncrasy… To be able to swim with the currents of my inspiration and intuition and create the work of art that is becoming my life today.

And this is not in the eyes of others perhaps, but definitely in my own eyes: my own standards, my own demands, my own requirements, my own navigation zig-zagging the changes that come my way in a manner that make me feel unburdened and unchained.

But the message about whale totem on this website said that there was the need to examine your own thoughts, to retreat and contemplate.

Well, this is part of what the Pandemic has forced us into but by letting go of the areas of my life that were bringing me down, I have been able to tune into my meditative mind for the majority of my day and so as the website says, “as self-examination becomes the “norm” and you retreat and contemplate alone, honing in like Whale sonar, so you can really hear your inner voice, the Whale’s Song, the Higher Self and the Divine”.

That very same week I had a very strong intuition to upgrade my website so not knowing how to accomplish this, I threw myself at the task and within 3 very intense days, I managed to create a simplified and lighter website in which I removed almost all the information and replaced it with post-like links.

It was mirroring whom I had become after releasing and letting go of a multitude of layers during 2020 – I had been experiencing shifts and healing episodes that culminated with making a (sub)conscious decision that joy had to be the way for me: no longer heaviness, or seriousness, or struggling…

And so the next thing that happened was to start diversifying and practising different ways of expression with words + colour + shape + “feeling” – in posts, stories, short videos /gifs… so I tackled Instagram (a platform I had sworn before that it was no good for me or what I was trying to accomplish).

Suddenly, like the child I used to be who used to really love to colour, draw, read and write… that joyful state came together and a new world of communication that touches not only the mind but the feeling centre or spiritual heart opened up for me overnight.

It was really fascinating, incredibly time-consuming but an amazing exploration that has changed my life forever: the expression of my consciousness that has been building over the years as I went forward with unwavering faith towards a destiny that was only pointed out at me in whispers and spiritual messages, but which I decided that was more real than the reality that I can actually see, and it is now part of whom I have become and it has been amazing to watch it all develop and manifest.

Like giving birth to a new reality for myself.

And if this had not been exceptional even for my own standards (which I can tell you are not very low at all), I continue to investigate the whales breaching vertically in a group because that dream that I had last year was the first time I ever even saw that happening – and it was so bizarre that I dismissed it as a craze from my subconscious mind… but I never truly forgot it.

But as I was navigating through Instagram, I came across this picture (article picture) and I was stopped in my tracks – I was shocked, to say the least. And now, here I am in the middle of a process of complete transformation of my self-expression, based on an intense exclusion and meditative state for over a year, which I used to proactively change myself for the better and to release all the shackles from the past that I could, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – everything!

And as I came across proof of the reality of my dream, I went to Wikipedia as the last hope and I found what they were really doing: the concept is called “bubble-net feeding”.

Bubble–net feeding is a cooperative feeding method used by groups of humpback whales. More whales will also start to blow bubbles while continuing to circle their prey. They corral the fish into a tight circle while creating a net of bubbles to surround the fish and keep them from escaping”

The participants can be from 3 to 60. I definitely saw 10 to 12. But I just didn’t know that this behaviour existed! And now I had to confront the message – which apart from everything I have said so far, meant that I need a supporting group to work with together towards the future…

So being a lone ranger as I am, I had created a little Spanish WhatsApp group a while ago and I decided to ask them whether I could use them as an inspirational sounding-board, brain-storming group for my activities. And to my joyful surprise, they agreed!

Now I find myself just on the 27th February 2021, just on the full moon that the astrologers had called “the moment of crossroads of humanity” where we are entering the Aquarium age but our homework during the pandemic had been to have created and consolidated a vision for ourselves and have planted the seeds of what was going to become our future.

I find myself with joyful creative labour of love (no more work) and a group that supports me and guides me, right in time for the appointment with my destiny.

If you are reading these lines and you don’t know what your vision for your destiny is, I would say to you: first, take notes from this story; second, visit my Instagram account – I am sure that it will spark whatever light is in your soul and will project it outwards into the world.

I am sure of it.

Dr Ana Garcia PhD DTM

Stargate Institute of Integration of Consciousness

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