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A New Moon, A New Seed

According to my favourite Spanish astrologer José Millán, we are going through times that are asking of us to establish a new mindset.

He says that Uranus represents the virtual world, instantaneous, fast. I believe that our collective consciousness is converging like different rivers arriving at the sea and that this is no longer a gradual change (like we had the luxury in the past) but in José’s words “a quantum leap to another level of consciousness”.

I always have a finger on the energy pulse: I pick up the vibes and heed the cues given to me through the inspiration that arises in the silence throughout my day… I am certain I must have been a monk or a scriber in many previous lives!

I have been walking the spiritual path for 23 years and have aligned myself with the universal energy currents. These translate as intuition, inner guidance, centredness, patience as I observe the unfolding of each day and rejoicing as I observe in a detached manner the results of my creative expression.

In the second half of 2020, I talked about the need to re-establish ourselves and reposition our platform of activity. This required a great deal of simplification in our work focus, resources (including wastefulness), relationships… That’s to say, a spring-cleaning of our lives.

And the reason we needed to do that was because in energetic terms we are at a new doorway. So like the directors of our own life orchestras, we were asked to clarify to ourselves where we come from, who we are and most importantly, who we want to become.

In my particular case, I let go of the professional focus I had before so I quit the school in which I was working part time and I transformed my life coaching and public speaking coaching business, as well as being a languages teacher, in order to focus on writing and content creating.

One day last week and before the New Moon this February (11-2-2021), I had the pressing urge of creating a new website that I could identify myself more with – that’s to say, that expressed better the person I had become. I felt uncomfortable with my previous website: it was overly busy and it showed who I had been up to now… but no longer who I am becoming.

That day a fly came into my room, circled around me and left. The Universe was talking again (the fly on the wall is Crow totem’s presence from the void, the distant healer and Spirit’s messenger) and so my hands literally started to work on the computer and not knowing how, three days later I had created a lovely clean, functional and light website (I say I, but I should say that I was the vehicle of Spirit weaving technology to create a website that I love without really having the skills to do so).

I felt relieved and light, as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. And I felt at peace, serene, balanced and unburdened. I was wanting a simplified and centralized social media forum in a functional and clean setting.

I feel that I have tapped into an unlimited source of universal wisdom, which I am able to translate into words, concepts and phrases. Added to coloured backgrounds and the beat of inspirational music, these specifically formatted paragraphs are able to uplift and motivate people at a time when it is most needed.

The seed of the abstract thoughts that I receive are slowly starting to take physical form, apparently and astrologically right on time, and the limits will be only what I place on myself.

José Millán says that this New Moon is “the beginning of a process of this Acuarian era” as the energy that we are focusing is creating “a memory or perturbation on the energetic field in time and space. As the Sun – Moon fusion codifies what we are now planting, Jupiter will increase it and study it”…

I would even say decipher it and in one word, weave its magic wand on it.

So if you haven’t sown your own seed, spark your creative juices and ignite your soul: grab this moment freely given…

… because you now that there is no time like the present time.

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