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A New Thought in this Time of Silence…

Thought in Silence

I have spent considerable time meditating and I am noticing a more pronounced slippage, a parallel emotional separation on the issue of focusing on problems rather than solutions.

I am ‘seeing’ the way we use it as an excuse to find fault and even criticise, but the result is stagnation in negativity.  I think it’s part of the new rhythm that is being born from the stillness and I see it very clearly.

Then comes the need for acceptance or approval from others and we participate with comments that limit our growth, saying things at a level that we know is no longer true for us.

The price we paid is too high: chronic unhappiness.

A second notion on the same line of disciplining our thoughts…

… is that if we look at our lives, we see the positive and negative manifestations and we tend to focus on what is “missing”.

As we are naturally expansive beings, we want to include what we perceive is missing and which we believe would makes us happy. But the fact of “giving these missing items a second thought” creates a momentum that, once accelerated, is very difficult to stop.

This Aries New Moon since the 24th March is bringing New Beginnings and an Opportunity for an Evolutionary Rebirth, so I am concluding that the way to go is to shift our mindset by releasing low vibrational thinking (thoughts that no longer serve us): the real prison.

The Individual Consciousness is meeting the Collective Reality. Now we can make a point of acceleration – from illusion into knowingness during this opportunity for settling and soothing our consciousness, tap into our heartfelt intuition and discern the direction of what individual liberation means to each one of us and thus, participating into the collective evolution for a better future.

And this is Healing

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