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A New Vision - A New Plan

In 2018, I wanted first of all to consolidate my online presence so I designed my website and created a free online metaphysical library in YouTube / WordPress / Facebook / LinkedIn and Twitter. I abandoned Instagram beca

use it was very limiting for technical reasons - my purpose was to put the articles or stories from my books out there in the form of stories and put a link to the books in Amazon so that the circular motion would feed each other - the articles would feed the book sales and so on and so forth.

The focus was also to give a lot of content for free because I wanted people to at least have the knowledge. I believe you receive what you give. I thought this way I would create a following and as an Author - I would become an Authority in my favourite subject: the field of consciousness as energy.

The next thing was to create a Patreon account where people could contribute if they so desired - if they felt that my work had value for them. I always think that some people can afford 10 euros or dollars or whatever currency they use, but another wants to contribute 500... This way I can leave it to the Universe to flow back to me holistically and organically whatever needs to happen.

On the other hand, I have my books in Amazon and my one-to-one or group coaching sessions, courses and workshops, so I created a good mix. I progressed further as technology was being made freely available and created audio-visual materials. I am currently busy retouching my courses: "The 5 Pillars of Success", "Public Speaking to Transform Your Life" and "Excellent Teaching Skills - A Course for Educators".

I first wanted to get a reputation for knowing my subject and for taking the initiative to put myself out there as a leader at my level of expertise. At this point in my life, I mostly wanted a timetable that would flow with my natural body rhythms - space to create, space to nourish people with information or support them, time to keep my environment clean and tidy, time for my family and time for myself.

To achieve this balance is not easy and it is work in progress, but obviously the more you focus on getting there, the more big and small changes that you have to make. The result is shaping your own reality in the right direction.

I see this work as maximizing and optimizing the use of my time and energy with a self-preservation focus (that's to say, without leading me to burnt-out). The magic takes place when you are able to accept and feel successful in many small practical ways as you develop a way to contain (not control) your energy and integrity within life's unexpected changes.