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An Astrological Profile

A month ago, in preparation for this new and important year 2021, I did a complete Astrological Profile online, one of those that you can do for free.

The main reason was that in 2020 there were many seeds sprouting: ideas that I had had for a while started to manifest like with a mind of their own. One of them was a new YouTube channel with my one and only sister, medical doctor Esther García. Our channel is called “Elevando Conciencia” (Rising Consciousness) which was intended to be an equivalent of my own channel “Life Discussions with Dr Ana”, but in Spanish.

The focus of this channel was to look at the energetical side of life and consciousness from a metaphysical (myself) and medical perspective (my sister) so as to try to find a balance and make sense of what sometimes feel like an ephemeral aspect of the world.

So my first question was: “Why my sister and why now?”.

I have lived away from my home in Spain for 32 years. When we were young, my sister and I used to sing together with my guitar. I taught myself to play and we both went for years of solfa lessons. We both completed our musical studies in the Conservatory of Music of Bilbao and then I started to play piano but had to give up when I went to university due to lack of time. She completed 4 years of singing at the same conservatory and moved on to singing in the best choires in Bilbao (Spain).

What happened is that during our childhood, we synchronised with our singing and harmonised our energies almost intuitively.

But in our adult lives, we both moved away for a few years and underwent the normal trials and tribulations of life… And both awoke at a different times on the other side of the veil following the path of spirituality, consciousness and personal development. That’s to say, following our path to healing.

So in 2020 we were all severely confined by the pandemic, whic I used to fully focus on gathering all the information I had produced over 20 years in order to recreate myself using the modern technology available today.

And in a completed karmic cycle, my sister appeared in my life with a harmonisation at a different level: not music any more but resonating spiritual frequencies. And we started collaborating.

I decided to check our both’s potentials with a complete Astrological Profile and I could not believe that they are almost identical: 90% of the planets are in the same houses. We are one year and one week apart and have almost the same time of birth.

The differences in our planets are not meaningful enough to impede the work we are doing in any way but they have created some of the blocks to our growth over the years.

So I spent a whole week reading, gathering information, summarising it and writing it in my diary. I wanted to see what energies and potentials had been integrated and which not.

The integrated energies for both of us were the Sun in Aries: enthusiastic, inspiring, natural leaders, direct and fiery with a great sense of certainty: the sign of the warrior who will meet any challenge head on.

I myself know that when I lock onto an objective, I forge ahead without entertaining any obstacles. For me, they are just there to show me another way around them.

With Mercury in Aries we can jump easily from old ideas to new, conceive concepts and break stagnant energies. And with Venus in Aries, we do not stay waiting but we move towards our objectives like a panther towards it prey – but what was surprising is that we don’t want to devour our objective but to interact with it!

Uranus in Virgo puts our focus on science because to us, it offers the greatest potential and we have the mental flexibility to investigate and create new ways. And Pluton in Virgo “wants to save the world” in a way that we start from scratch and build it one step at a time, happy to know that we are doing our best. Constantly building our intuition, we are Teachers of Consciousness.

I was surprised to find out that my Fortuna in Sagittarius makes me naturally believe in the future and good of humanity and that I value freedom, adventure and truth above anything else.

Well, that sounds certainly like me.

We all have a potential written in the stars. We may believe it or not but when we mature it, it helps us with the implementation of our original Sacred Spiritual Contract that we signed before being born, in order to play our part in helping humanity.

Now the question is, are you ready to take on the natural and unlimited cosmic or universal energy currents freely offered to you in order to take your life to the next level or are you going to deny to yourself and the world the spark of your amazing soul brightness?

You, like me at the time, may think that it is an impossible task but if you look around you, you may find all the answers to all your questions right where you are.

Happy, empowered and peaceful 2021!

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