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An Opportunity to Let Go

I have the theory that there is a hidden gift in the current situation (that is, if we look right inside ourselves where our truth lives) and that everyone is actually getting something we really really wanted.

I think the situation was unsustainable and we have been given the time and space to clean up all the rubbish and focus on what really is meaningful...

... because it is time to release the feeling of having lost, to let go of what used to be in order to create space for something new.

But I feel that we need to go deeper - not so much looking at business models and possible opportunities but discovering where our feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment come from. And veer toward that direction.

The trick is to stop looking with our physical 'eyes' (this brings us fear) and start looking with our hearts so that we can give ourselves permission to stop struggling and start loving in a more meaningful way.

We won't find this gift in the news reports or in the busy social media. Our attention needs to be in the silence of doing our little everyday tasks mindfully.

As we soothe our hearts, like the surface of a calm lake, our lives will reflect the true inspiration that is asking to be born.

Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"



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