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An (Un)fortunate Incident

Last week I was mugged and had my telephone stolen. Long story short, I lost all my family photos that were in the sim card and that I had passed from phone to phone for years. It was work of love – I spent considerable time tweaking and reorganising them as I thought of my family and thus, kept all the memories of our good times together alive.

In October last year, I had a mind shift. It had been a logical conclusion to a succession of events so far that had been progressively guiding me in focusing my time doing what I loved. This resulted in 3 YouTube Channels: one in English and its equivalent in Spanish on my favourite subject which is consciousness. The 3rd channel was of languages lessons as I am a Polyglot teacher, my second favourite subject. The reason is that both subjects require capturing information, decoding it in your mind and recode it or put it again together in ways that allow you for more efficient self-expression and communication.

As I was recovering from the shock, I started the process of recovering my lost photos: I had some in my computer, some I requested from various members of my family and other I downloaded from social media.

My new telephone had capabilities that I didn’t quite know it had, and out the blue, a beautiful collage appeared in front of my eyes as I was busy organising the photos into albums, and so I passed it onto my family WhatsApp group. I thought it was so wonderful that I decided to put together some more compilations from the different generations in themes…

I did not expect their reaction: tears of joy, emotional voice-notes, applause, comments and emoticons various… all basically saying (explicitly and implicitly) that I had touched them in a deep emotional place where they could vividly remember forgotten pasts, reliving old moments… and that suddenly that past became real in their hearts and minds.

Suddenly I felt like I was the family “scriber” – in the Wikipedia: “that who keeps the records organised in libraries for easy access, up to date and alive”.

Anyone who knows me realises that this is in fact true, but not only with my family records but with humanity records as well: everything I do is to capture energetic moments, translate them into words and pass them onto others hoping to help them make sense of the changes that take place in their lives, as well as helping them set up strategies to negotiate those changes. That’s to say, I help others become efficient in the game of life.

At that moment, I felt that I brought the family together at a time when we are all physically isolated, like the glue keeping them all at the same space (vibrational frequency): the place where we all felt that we belonged (longed-to-be) to this family, and were grateful for it.

That vivid emotional response through a selected set of pictures or images put together intuitively in a specific pattern, reminded me that the previous month when I finished writing my latest book “Tales of a Modern Alchemist”, I got the intuition to capture some sentences from the book and put them in Inspirational Posts, which are bringing me many “likes” in my WordPress blog.

Again, these posts are the combination of words put together in specific ways or patterns with specific backgrounds in order to create an emotional inspirational response. I started to see a connective thread here…

Unlike in my past, I go through life with little upheaval these days. Having done years of energetic and consciousness development, I am always focused on the positive possibilities so when this mugger appeared suddenly from a corner in a bee-line towards me at the speed of lightning, only to disappear even faster leaving me in a shock of disbelief, I knew that the Universe was bringing me a gift in the form of this “shocking experience” – but nevertheless a huge “present” or gift: a creative shift.

As I rebuild, reorganize and update my library, I suddenly realised that my system was a bit out of date so I decided to place my old library in an archive in my computer and reorganise the phone photos in a newer way, as well as getting rid of photos that don’t convey any emotions. In the same way, last year before my mindset shift, I had decided to clear and updated my books, articles and YouTube videos in an attempt to redefine myself through my words and messages. Again, a repetitive theme here…

In fact, last month I did the same as I created lovely and neat thumbnails for all my YouTube videos, as well as retouched my website and changed my LinkedIn and WhatsApp coaching groups from “Life Discussions with Dr Ana” to “The Biz of Energy” – much neater and more fluid. I would even say more apt for the times we are living.

Looking back, it feels as if I have been “Fengshuing” all my tools of information and personal expression for quite a while and it seems that it is all coming together as I experience the development of a new initiation: the refocus of how I interact with the world.

This is how you learn languages: you put sounds and symbols together in specific patterns that make sense and that allow you to project your thoughts. However, I just realised that images and colours do the same; it is just that I didn’t consider it to be part of my palette of self-expression. But what is true is that all of them emote an emotional field, for lack of a better word.

And parallel to this, I have spent more than a year going through my totems and archetypes, picking up their core meanings and looking for the synonyms related to these words, one by one, until I found the combinations of words that carried the most activated or powerful vibration to define myself. And this is how I have been “specializing” over this period of time.

So coming back to the present time, I feel that we need to let go of the way we used to do things and allow a simplified and more effective way to open up; that is, a new version of our old dream and a new version of ourselves.

In my case, my old dream of talking to thousands of people on a stage, which always brought up feelings of resistance, is now being replaced by a much more organic and stress-free option which is using the internet to reach people, from the comfort of my home and without making demands on my family or personal time. That is, the same effect but making no sacrifices. A much more subtle approach.

So in a nutshell, if it is time to specialize and redefine ourselves, allowing a new vision to form for the future, how do we do this?

I tell myself: “This is what it used to be like, this is how it used to happen in the past but now…” (here you put your new vision), and then I give myself permission to let go of the items in my “his-story” that stress me or don’t let me feel good and replace them with happier, lighter, more exciting ones.

Do you get the picture?

November ‘ 2020

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD DTM

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