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Are You Ready for 2021?

Well, we are almost there. We have undergone great conjunctions, moon eclipses, full moons, opening energy gateways… Are we ready to walk into the new energy?

Through the chaos of what global consciousness created in the past, structures are being dismantled and systems are breaking down.

There has been a lot of loss, shock and trauma. I think we can officially call it a chaotic year. Yet, we know that like the Ave Phoenix that grows from its ashes, the only way for us is forwards and upwards.

I have written in previous articles that the energies of the last few months required us to shed our outer skin, to clear up past debris at all levels and to refocus, reinvent and reposition ourselves.

Because the job was so huge, I myself decided to do it in small steps, what I call “micro-changes” – we may not be able to change our lives overnight but we are certainly capable to identify small things that we no longer want or that hold us back and choose something even if it is slightly better. That is a “micro-change”.

The benefit of this approach is that a tiny change sustained over a long period of time deviates from our current path exponentially: the further we take it in time, the bigger the overall life shift. Or at least I believe it to be so.

If you have identified at least one change and have committed to integrate it long enough to make it a new routine, this alone will crack the stagnant energies of the isolation and loss of freedom that were imposed on us because as we create an opening at mind level, we all know that the body follows the mind.

A new mindset is synonymous of inner breathing space. But it has to feel good and it needs to be organic – we don’t want yet another imposition. We are talking about self-leadership here, not self-victimization!

As Robert T. Kiyosaky (from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) says: “My success comes from spirituality, not money. You have to evolve back to calm and peace”.

In my case, I simplified from focusing on being a life coach, to a consciousness coach and content creator… to helping people focus their energy.

And I know it is the right re-direction because it makes me happy… and definitely peaceful 😊

Happy and peaceful entry to the New Year! 🎄🌟 🎉

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