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Attraction Statement 7: “I Love Who I have been and Who I Am Now”

Have you heard the “Midas King” tale? The story goes that this king had the power to transform everything he touched into gold. The good news is that he was very rich, but the bad news is that he couldn’t touch those he loved most because… well, you know. But this is not the part of the story I am interested in.

All through the centuries we find writings recording man’s obsession with the transformation of lesser value metals into gold. The endless trials that men of science have carried out throughout time in order to achieve this goal, resulted sometimes in false claims… Some accounts say that the goal was accomplished but, somehow, the formula was never found, let alone a consistent way to duplicate it.

Spiritual Alchemy is the process in which we turn the so call negative experiences of life (equivalent to the base metals) into treasures and lessons, transmuting our awareness into that of light (the vibrational frequency of gold).

Because in fact, we are light.

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