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Dr. Ana PhD (Metaphysics) is an author in the fields of Integration of Consciousness and Human Potential. A Communications Specialist with a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster in Communication and Leadership) and she holds a Masters’ in Education and Languages from her native town Bilbao (Spain).

Dr. Ana is a Polyglot with qualifications in 4 languages (Spanish, English, Basque and French), currently studying German and Korean. Dr Ana was an external examiner assessor for quality assurance with the School of Languages and Literature at UCT (University of Cape Town) and the Director of Teaching and Learning for The Academy Hout Bay, as well as the Architect and Head Tutor for Modern Foreign Languages for the French and Spanish On-Line Cambridge GCSE and AS curriculums.

Dr. Ana is a Consciousness Coach (CTP graduated Life and Business coach with Coach-U) and a Reiki Master. Today, Dr Ana has created the Stargate Institute of Consciousness. an educational forum for discussions on personal development, advanced spirituality, metaphysics, healing, vibrational energy, emotional intelligence and Increase strategies to succeed.


I have a passion for languages. I have been an educator (Masters in Modern Languages) and a Life Coach (Author / Ph.D. in Metaphysics) I have a pretty sharp insight on people’s personalities so I use this intuition to allow for the speed and flow of my lessons. This way, everyone feels that the rhythm of learning fits their individual characteristics, needs, and capacity.

I am also a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster in Communication and Leadership) so I immerse my clients in the language or coaching program, fast-tracking their learning by using multi-didactic, interactive online resources.

I have taught in the French Lycée du Cap college students for 6 years and I have created the Online Cambridge French and Spanish syllabus for The Academy Hout Bay for GCSE and AS Levels, as well as Middle Years 1 & 2 (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses), where I teach both at the On-Line for over 5 years, so I understand the demands and difficulties of teaching and learning languages in the modern world.

So if you want a truly modern-thinking, dynamic, and efficient teacher, a teacher truly fit for the 21st century, then go no further!


• Masters in Education and Languages (Bilbao, Spain) for English, Spanish and Basque.

• SACE Registered (South African Certificate of Education).

• Educator with the Basque Government Schools (Spain), Lycée Français du Cap (French education system), S.A.V.S. (first South African Virtual School).

• Former Director of Teaching and Learning and currently Teachers’ Coach with The Academy Hout Bay (Innovative Cambridge based Tutoring Centre)

• Course Architect for French and Spanish Cambridge GCSE and AS Levels.

• Diploma (Aptitud de Inglés) from the Spanish Official School of Languages (Bilbao – Spain).

• Teacher’s Diploma (Proficiency in English) from Cambridge University (UK).

• Teacher’s Diploma E.G.A. (Euskararen Gaitasun Agiria) from Basque Government (Bilbao – Spain).

• DALF C1 (Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Francaise) from Alliance Francaise in Cape Town.

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