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Bee-Line to Your Dreams

Today I was working in my study and suddenly I heard such a strong buzz that I jumped off my chair and run out of the room like a possessed woman while my husband was pushing this enormous bee out of the window.

After the chain of events since the last Full Moon, it seems that Mother Earth is going out of her way to send me messengers. First, it was the enormous Eagle gliding silently and peacefully landing almost on my head saying "you are healed". Then, two days later, I am doing some yoga in the garden and this rat crossed in front of me but I was not scared: it seemed happy doing its thing. The message I got was "intelligent use of your resources".

Today Bee was buzzing right in the centre of the room, not by a window like sometimes they do, but taking over the whole space, and the message I get is "trust in the miracle of peace and Love", which is what I am always working for.

So I don't know what is going on but there is definitely a crescendo towards the New Moon on the 22-5-2020 (22-5-22) which is "good for making new starts, for rebuilding and setting new structures and routine".

Are you also feeling the vibe?

Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"



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