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Book Review: “Effortless Beauty” By Helen M. Thomas, Nancy Pauline Bruning


Title: Beauty glowing from within

This book was very helpful by helping me to understand the basic principles of Ayurveda: the notions of air, water, etc, as well as the 3 doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and the relationship between them.

I was always curious about what all these teachings were all about and I found that I learnt everything I needed to learn at the time with just this complete and well-written book: I was able to find out what doshas my metabolism was composed of and in which percentages, which gave me a general indication of my personality and other psycho-somatic tendencies.

It was uncannily accurate. For instance, after doing the tests and quizzes in the book, I was explained that “Being 43% Vata, 65% Pitta and 32% Kapha, you are intense and fiery, with a strong drive and self-control. Of medium build and strength, you feel sharp hunger and thirst and get irritable and feel faint if you don’t eat on time”.

This was so true! For years I had struggled with food cravings, sugar imbalances and general grumpiness when I was hungry and didn’t have food at hand. I was never able to be more than 2 or 3 hours without something to eat. I used to panic whenever I would look to what my day would bring if I couldn’t organize myself around food.

The book continues: “Hot weather is not your friend. You tend to communicate through your skin – glowing and radiant healthy and happy”.

So many people comment about my skin. I can’t really cope with sun. A little sun feels as if it scorches my skin. And I always put cream on every day after my bath or shower because my skin feels so dry if I don’t. But the point is that I live in sunny Cape Town, in South Africa! And EVERYONE loves the sun there! So I stand out like a sore thumb and everyone asks me why I am not tanned. I have always told them that I am not a lizard like them; that I am a salamander!! That I always need moisture in my skin… and I didn’t know why until now!

After reading this book I felt that I was put in the right track to continue with my search of tools to hold age at bay: I was able to add certain oils to my beauty and health regimes and I was able to focus my nutrition to re-energize and rejuvenate my system.

And these were only the first few steps that I was able to take to add to my newly found body consciousness (as up to then I had only worked at soul level) to start to nourish my body, mind and spirit all at once. This book started me on a research that is culminating in the writing of a book on the subject of nutrition from a mind-body-soul perspective and it also felt as if I was adding a parallel avenue to what I had already learned about spiritual growth: an understanding of beauty glowing from within.

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