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Book review: “Kryon Book VII: Letters from Home” and “Kryon Book III: Alchemy of t


Title:  Abundance, The Cosmic Lattice and the EMF Balancing Technique

Two concepts among the many that I would like to highlight:

Abundance: According to Kryon in this book “Abundance is sustenance. […] The bird that awakens in the morning that has no stash of abundance. It depends daily upon finding the food, and indeed, the small bird finds the small worm. […] The hawk? Now, it has a bigger challenge. Rather than a worm, the hawk must find a rat. It, therefore, has a bigger sustenance bucket to fill. It seemingly has to have more abundance because it is larger. Yet, it is still sustenance, and even though one bird is small and one bird is large, the sustenance is totally relative to the bird. Both challenges take the same amount of spiritual energy, even though one seems to be far larger. Each effort is seen as the same because it is about the creation of energy through synchronicity. In truth, both birds use the same amount of effort relative to their sustenance challenge”.

For any of your, Star Wars lovers, you will remember the scene when Luke Skywalker is being trained as a Jedi by Master Joda, and his ship is inside the lake. Luke doesn’t believe that he can raise the ship from the water through his mind-over-matter powers and he gives up. Master Joda shakes his head in disbelief because as far as he is concerned, the size of the item doesn’t matter. And so he proves it to Luke by taking the ship out of the water by the powers of control of his mind.

And so Kryon continues: “What you are really doing from a metaphysical standpoint is sending a strong message. You are going to honor yourself right into poverty, where you will be able to help no one! By deciding not to charge for your work, you just established the worth of what you do! Your body has heard it, and those around you have heard it, and the spiritual aspects of you heard it. You will indeed glean what you have put out, for you have just told everyone that what you do is worthless! Therefore, the intent is set, and sustenance will be difficult, for you have asked for that”.

When I went to South Africa to live in 2005 after having been living in the UK for 17 years, where I had climbed the ladder from junior up to management, I realized that having my energy manipulated out of me for the benefit of my employer and telling me how much I was worth was not aligned with my spiritual self-worth. So I started my own business, based on my natural skills as well as the studies that I had carried out and my experience, in the working place and as a person, and with the help of Spirit, I gave myself a value that felt right to me and started to follow the passion in my heart to work to change the world, one person at a time, by helping individuals integrate their consciousness and develop their potential.

And after I made that transition, I decided not to even look around to see what other people were charging for the same or similar services, because I was unique, and so are each one of us, and there cannot be competition to the very exclusive gifts that Spirit has given each individual, when you take into account the culture, upbringing, studies, background and development of each person. For each individual there is a teacher, at a higher or lower vibratory level, and the Universe is exact, so by the Law of Attraction we manifest in our reality the exact physical experience that we are vibrating inside. As within, so is without.

This Kryon book has also a major contribution to make with the description of The EMF Balancing Technique and The Cosmic Lattice as “the common denominator of the unified energy source of the universe […] The source of tremendous power – actual physical power – that you can use for travel and energy – power that you can use for life sustenance”.

Again, as in previous Kryon books, there is no replacement to reading the books and even going to the Kryon conferences around the world in order to experience first-hand the emotional release that takes place when we are exposed to this vibratory experience and to this knowledge. It definitely will change your life!

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