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Book review: “Kryon IX: The New Beginning” By Lee Carroll


Title: Inter-dimensional and Intuitive power of communication

This Kryon book describes subjects already discussed in other Kryon books, such as the new energies and the new children. But what I find really interesting is the description of The Third Language: “An inter-dimensional spiritual language that some have called new intuition”.

I am a languages teacher and I believe that each language: “culture is a frequency bracket, which either resonates with us or not. For instance, a person will love to immerse him or herself in a culture-language but will detest another one. Why?

In the same line, I spend life immersed in metaphysical books, practices and concepts. For me, spirituality is another language! That is when I found the link between my two fields of action and this brought me peace and clarity. I finally found where the pieces of the puzzle of my life work fitted!

But this Third Language or new intuition is linked to clearer energy, unblocked chakras and energetic pathways in the body. And this higher level of communication with spirit, your higher self and your life-path starts with CHANGE.

Isn’t it amazing that the majority of the people in the planet who own a television spend a great quantity of their time believing and being fed the fear of the negative-side of the truth that the mass-media insists in showing, telling us how bad things are and how bad things are getting?

Isn’t it amazing that half of the world population hasn’t committed suicide yet in response to this relentless negativity?

Well, Kryon tells us that there is another part of the truth, the part of the light, and that we are free to feel it and believe it. But it definitely will bring a domino effect in a way that every single step we take towards the light, towards working consciously with higher energy, resonates with the rest of the world and makes a difference.

Some people are depressed and obsessed because they don’t feel that they are making a meaningful difference in the world. They feel that their days are wasted and they plod along like zombies, going through the motions of each day, like robots. If only they knew that reading a book, doing a random kind of kindness, meditating on the beauty of nature, looking at a child in wonder or anything that opens their heart chakra will send a vibration of ecstasy and love throughout their cellular structures and raise their vibration! The rest, like the waves in a pond, will start creating the changes that these very same people do not realize that they themselves started! Just because they were willing to center themselves into their inner peace and get themselves out of their own self-centered (egotistic) focus.

And in this way, Kryon tells us that: “When you become inter-dimensional and begin to connect with Spirit and discover your divinity inside, ENERGY IS RELEASED: The energy goes to two places and then returns. It goes into THE MAGNETIC GRID SYSTEM OF THE EARTH and also into the DIRT OF THE EARTH: two directions, above and below. What it does there, dear ordinary Human divine being, is to CHANGE THE ACTUAL MEASURED ENERGY OF THE EARTH!”€

Isn’t this a huge message of hope? That every single one of us actually has the power to make such a massive change in the right direction? Why are we worrying if everything starts with our intent?

But furthermore, since I am a Public Speaking Coach, I love the concept explained in this book, which Kryon calls Energy of Conversation: “Are you aware that one person with another is sharing energy when they speak?” In four dimensions, “tell you what often happens: “IT OFTEN GOES TO YOUR HEART” It carries an ENERGY OF DEMAND. HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER REALIZED THAT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ANSWER? In the 5th dimension: “the next phase no matter what is said to you would go into a place where it would register only the things that make sense to you, where you will rise seemingly above all conversation”.

If I can benefit myself from this understanding and can help my clients as well, we will go a long way towards stopping the tit-for-tat, which is part of the majority of humans: everyday conversations. Someone says something, and we react to it. We hate ourselves for having given our power away to the manipulation of other, sometimes someone who we may consider less educated, or evolved, or intelligent (or handsome!) than us, and then we have to go back into the dynamic of forgiving ourselves and create a strategy to stay in control or balanced next time we are triggered involuntarily by someone else.

These are the challenges of the throat and solar plexus chakras, and interfere with our self-esteem, our peace of mind and our authority as communicators and speakers. And this is our centre of self-power, creativity, integrity and truth. So next time we speak to someone who is pressing our buttons, maybe we can keep in mind whether it is worth having the next argument and depleting our energies reservoirs in the process, or whether, as Kryon says, we have a choice to answer in anger or keep a dignifying silence. All it takes is to hold the bull of our ego by its very horns!

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