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Book Review: “Kryon – Partnering with God – Book VI (Practical Information for the


Title:  Messages from Home to ease us into our earthly journey

“No spiritual seeker can go through the arduous path of transmuting the old energy of our bodies into the energy of the new millennium, the energy of ascension, the energy of an evolved DNA, without encountering Kryon at one time or another. The teachings of Kryon are non-intrusive, full of hope and compassion, clear, non-judgmental and motivating, to say the least, for those who are right in the inner depths, reaching for the shadow, and having come across a wall, a void, a dark night of the soul; a moment of despair or meaninglessness. For all those moments, and the other ones in between, Kryon reminds us that they, and other intelligent civilizations overseeing human evolution and the universally important ascension process, are here to help us, if we ask and are willing to receive their help.

In this book, Kryon explicitly reminds us of several very important facts that will center and direct our spiritual focus, as well as explaining important questions that every person in the planet, consciously or unconsciously, has. For instance:

  1. ˜What is power? Not physical power that can destroy, but spiritual power. Inner peace and abundance are linked to the answer to this question. A beautiful quote on this line from the book: The one with the most power to change the vibration of the planet is the human mother. Later we will speak about the INDIGO children arriving on the planet. You, as mothers, have the power to create an entire generation of balanced humans! Consciousness is the power of the future”.

  2. “Why are we impatient with Spirit’s timeframe? Linear and circular time have to do with the answer. But what is important is to know that even before we ask for something consciously, the universal machinery is already working in order to create that which we are asking for. The time frame and the way in which it gets to us is beyond our control.

  3. “All individuals in this planet are successful simply for having been born and earned a place in the planet. As Kryon says: “There is no greater gift to God than the human being who sacrifices their high dimensional existence, coming down to Earth, having his or her Divinity hidden, to walk the dirt of the planet in lesson, No greater gift! Kryon has never been human, you know”. So individuals who have achieved a great level of personal or financial power are not more, not less, than the beggar in the street or the homeless. All of us following our blueprint for individual growth embedded in our DNA

  4. “The Ageing clock and the Death Hormone, triggered by spiritual contracts arranged in mass before we are born in order to allow for many re-encarnations to facilitate raising the vibration of the planet. But Kryon says that this an old energetic way of growing and no longer necessary, according to the new ascension possibilities: INTENT plays the one and most important role for anybody who is ready to change his or her karmic pending lessons.

This beautifully written book is very good knews as it speaks of the incredible possibilities of living longer, healthier and more peaceful lives and remain in the planet longer in order to do our light-work for those who feel the call for this job. Part of this possibility is a personal liberation of karmic families, or a large group that you have travelled with in an astral way from eons of time, and here you are saying goodbye because you have chosen to become something else […] the strand is broken and you feel it.

This has certainly happened to me. I worked heavily 1st, on my body’s karma; 2nd, on karma clearance in the work arena; 3rd, on my own family’s karma and 4th and finally, on that of my husband’s family, in order to liberate my daughter, a star child, from baggage that would confuse and delay her work.

And this is the work of parents, teachers, educators and other grown-ups: to work on their own unwanted or un-needed karmic ties in order to allow the future generations to be free to complete the very important spiritual contracts that they signed; that is, bringing vast waves of love vibration in order to allow the Earth to shift into Tara and to heal our current problems created from an old vibration, little healers coming here to show us alternative solutions with the creative energies vibrating from their advanced and evolved DNA’s.

But believe me, you WANT to read this book because of the energy that will resonate with you coming from its pages and from between its lines, which will shift and open your heart chakra. Any book review is not a substitute for allowing yourself to surrender to the love that emanates from holding this healing tool in your hands”.

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