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Book Review: “Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” By Jamie Sams, Dav


Title: The business of animals in the world of business

I remember vividly how I was struggling working as a manager of the Latin-American section of a large international corporation in their offices outside London when I went to a Mind-Body-Spirit fair and found this book and set of cards.

Within a month, I had learnt, memorized and internalized the cards in this pack and I was doing readings for others. I was unstoppable. It was as if I had been walking in a desert for 32 years and suddenly I found an Oasis. Things and life, which before didn’t seem to make much sense, started to become coherent and harmonize.

I particularly loved the beautiful poems and stories attached to each animal. It was in the old Native American language and style. The stories were magical. You could sense their meanings, rather than logically analyze the meanings, that is, right-brain reading like it is done for the rest of the spiritual literature.

I found my place, my niche, my language. I always was an imbalanced Badger, full of anger and aggressivity. Now, this very difficult energy to balance became so and the story-teller and the healer came through. This opened new channels of self-expression for my life. New gifts started to appear and a new vision and personal power became manifest.

It was the beginning for me. It was a crutch, a stepping stone, a place to rest, a train-stop taking me from the beaten path into the common zig-zagging that Spirit takes us through when we are supposed to “have a break” from the meaninglessness of our lives in order to acquire more knowledge and more experienced, and then go back to the next cycle in our lives with more wisdom, understanding and compassion.

It worked. My animals come to me, still today after about 12 years of working with them, in real life but also and especially in my dreams. And they always deliver clear and concise messages. They are the business! (literally).

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