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Book Review: “Passing the Marker 2000: Understanding the New Millennium Energy : Book VIII (Kr

Passing the Marker 2000: Understanding the New Millennium Energy : Book VIII

Title: DNA structure, Indigo children and the future of the planet.

This Kryon book is more specifically focused on spiritual science of the DNA structure than the other ones.

For me, a lover of metaphysics and spiritual science, this book was heaven! There are technical explanations such as “magnetic information intersecting magnetic fields of the closed DNA loops”, or “the process of inductance or information going into the polarity structure of your cellular make-up”.

Then, there is a link to the human DNA structure to that of the planet and the book talks heavily about the Indigo children, the new children arriving at the planet in mass in order to shift its vibration and heal it. They come with very specific sacred spiritual contracts and they are not going to take a no for an answer! They are system-busters and are going to challenge any lack of integrity that they see. They feel no fear and they have advanced psychic gifts, coming from their advanced DNA structures.

I advise any parent, teacher or elder of any of these children to start paying attention to them and learn from them, as they bring the answers to our current problems; that is, if we don’t mix them up with our own limitations, expectations and requirements, projections born of our own individual fears, which simply block and limit these childrens’ potential.

Either way, whether we are conscious of it or not, we already passed the marker in 2000 so we are becoming equipped with the tools to do the job, and if we don’t use them consciously for good, some of us are going to find ourselves with high-tech spiritual tools that we are using with a low consciousness mind-set, creating immediate karma, which will teach us, right here and now, that everything below a DNA accrual of 4 to 4’5 is not going to be sufficient to make the shift into the Voyage to ascension to the 5th dimension.

The choice is ours, but unlike in The Celestine Prophecy saga, it is no longer global: each individual must do his or her own personal work. There won’t be any more rescuing of souls that are prepared to go to any length to satisfy the incessant demands of their unbalanced egos.

My advice: read this book and learn the different attributes that separate the old energy with the new one, decide whereabouts you are in the vibrational pyramid, and make the necessary changes to progress further. For your benefit and that of the planet.

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