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Book Review: “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything” By Ervin Laszlo


Title:  A book that links both sides of the brain

This book is an amazing and successful attempt, as far as I am concerned, to explain to the scientific community the metaphysical principle behind ALL THERE IS, and to the spiritual community a (powerful, simple and clearly explained) model of the physics behind the metaphysics.

I think of my cousins who are mathematicians and feel that if we both read this book, we could have a conversation between two fields that are apparently so far away, yet we would find points of commonality. This is really exciting for me because it actually proves that the line or boundary that humans put between fields in order to attempt to control and contain different subject matters is simply that, a line put by humans on a consciousness that has not divisions, no such lines or boundaries.

Ervin Laszlo tells us: “Physicists discovered that all things in the universe are constantly oscillating at different frequencies. These oscillations generate wavefields that radiate from the objects that produce them. When the wavefield emanating from one object encounters another object, a part of it is reflected from that object, a part is absorbed by it. The object becomes energized and creates another wavefield that moves back towards the object that emitted the initial wavefield. The interference of the initial and the response wavefield creates an overall pattern, and this pattern is effectively a hologram. It carries information on the objects that created the wavefields”.

The reason why this book appeals so much to me is because it touches on my metaphysical interest. I find it simply enlightening the explanation on “In-formation of consciousness”, as wavefields creating “information-carrying vortices” which are holograms that can be read.

This book also appeals to the linguist in me, public speaking coach and spiritual communicator, because I focus very strongly in self-expression becoming energized by resonance of the vibrational fields emitted by the heart and throat chakras of the individual, our level of integrity and truth propelled forward into the world, with the voice emitting sound carrying such vibrations.

Hence, communication is much more profound than the mere use of articulated words: its background is propelled by the intention and level of consciousness of the speaker. No wonder it is really easy to tell the lies and deceits that politicians, for instance, and everyone else for that matter, try to manipulate us with. Our minds may believe the words, but our hearts decipher the un-truths as weak vibrational fields that do not resonate with what we already know to be the truth, for every child of the universe has in their DNA blueprint a point of integrity embedded in it and which is our standard basic level, below which we simply des-integrate.

Also very exciting I find the concept of a channel of communication that opens with the wider universal humanity hologram contained in the Akashic or A-field: “We can tune our consciousness to resonate with the holograms in the A-field. The transmission of information in a field of holograms is known: it occurs when the wavefields that make up two (or more) holograms are <conjugate> with each other. The effect is similar to the more familiar effect known as RESONANCE. TUNING FORKS AND STRINGS ON MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS RESONATE WITH OTHER FORKS AND STRINGS THAT ARE TUNED TO THE SAME FREQUENCY (or to entire octaves higher or lower than that frequency). THE RESONANCE EFFECT IS SELECTIVE: IT DOESN’T OCCUR WHEN THE FORKS AND STRINGS ARE TUNED TO A DIFFERENT, UNRELATED FREQUENCY”

Which brings me to the next field this book resonates with me at is as a healer. I believe, have practiced and experience continuously vibrational healing. In fact, I have just purchased a DNA Activation course called Potentiation from and this is exactly about this: upgrading of the communication channels and clearance of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional chakras in order to allow for a cleaner resonance with the Universe and spirit.

This book has given me a focus for further research: if I can find the frequency at which I can communicate with Spirit on a regular basis, since I am clairsentient and clairaudient, rather than doing it spontaneously but being able to do so on a regular basis (e.g. tune in, pick up the open line and hear spirit’s guidance), that would really make me feel as if I have succeeded in life!

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