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Book Review: “Stones of New Consciousness” By Robert Simmons


Title:  Beyond New Age, truly New Consciousness

I have been working with a doctor on homeopathy-kinesiology for the last year and during this time I have also been doing other personal development work. I realized that there were lots of elements of 5th dimensional consciousness that we are integrating, a little at a time, some more than others (depending on unresolved karmic lessons, personal disposition, level of spiritual work achieved, accrual of DNA etheric strands, and so on) such as manifesting with thought, development of sixth sense and other psychic abilities, opening of the 3rd eye and with it one’s vision of life-work, attunement to spirit and connection with guides, angels and ascended masters, etc.

One of the things that interested me more at this stage of my development was the transition of a carbon-based physical body to a silica-based physical body, because 5th dimensional realities require more transparency, crystallinity and capacity to transmit and conduct light. This book gave me a lot of information on this regard as I feel that it truly is a book on Stones of the New Consciousness, just like the title says.

This book is really huge, so I was never going to study all the stones that appear in it. But I benefited tremendously from the general understanding of the writer’s relationship with the crystal kingdom and I picked up the stones I was working with at the time: phenacite, tanzanite, selenite and seraphinite.

But there was a really nice surprise that I found in this book, and it was the talk about heart’s creative consciousness, the vibratory qualities of the body that create a high state of coherence and the liquid crystallinity of the body which gives it subtle electrical inter-connection, tissue memory and efficient functioning.

I am always on the look-out for pieces of information that fit into the characteristics that the mind-body-spirit needs to develop in order to shift to the 5th dimension without disintegrating in the process, or without having to leave the physical body behind because the rapid energies that we are experiencing during this time of transition are giving us more than what we bargained for at the time of signing our spiritual contracts before being born.

This book has put me in track on this kind of research and has given me yet one more clue in the massive and exciting puzzle of our voyage from Earth to Tara.

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