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Book Review: “The Animal Wise Tarot” by Ted Andrews

Animal Wise Tarot

Title: Emotional intelligence in action

After reading “Medicine Cards”, the book that changed the course of my life by developing my emotional intelligence at the speed of lightening, I decided that I needed to understand and integrate more archetypal animal energies. I was thirsty for my emotional liberation and it was working!

This tarot was very complete, not just in the number of animals that it covered, but in the practical ways that it would describe their strategies, which I assimilated as a starved person would devour a meal.

After this, Spirit told me that I must create my own pack, and the result were my Animal Strategies series, one for Career and Success and one for Love and Relationships (they can be found in

All in all, I still work with animal totems every day of my life. It did take me about 8 years to integrate all the animal totem literature that I could find because I did it consciously, persistently and relentlessly. I was so empty when I started and by the time I finished, I knew myself and others, I could find strategies to apply to difficult situations and difficult relationships, and the result was that my life healed to a huge extent.

I would never do without my animal cards.

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