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Book review: “The Metamorphic Technique” By Gaston Saint-Pierre, Debbie Shapiro

Title: The little book of the butterfly

When I was living in the UK and had started with my spiritual work, I felt intensely called to take this course. In fact, when I finished with the Metamorphic Technique I actually took the next course: the Universal Principles.

The whole concept has to do with the unfoldment of your life being connected to the stages of conception, pregnancy and birth, and how the practitioners will work on the spinal reflexes in your feet without judgment, allowing the energy to release whatever it needs to

I remember that there was a group of about 18 people with me in Gaston’s house that day. After he explained his story and the many principles of the Metamorphic Technique, I remember that he guided us through one exercise in which we had to choose a symbol. I was the only one who chose the turtle. He told me that “I was going to grow through fear”.

I didn’t understand what he was talking about at that time, but years later I did. I actually feel a fear and, contrary to what the majority of people do (that is, run away from it), I actually sit with it, feel it, allow it to travel through my body, deliver its gifts of release, unblocking of energies, etc. And after the however-long-it-takes process (it can be half an hour or it can be 10 days!), and after doing my mourning (I will normally have crying episodes, physical pain, twists and turns in my solar plexus, burning energies going up and down my spine, and so on and so for), I feel a huge emotion of release and liberation, and I feel free to take on my next life-path challenge which, invariably will include more of my personal power.

I have made this work a way of life because it works and because I can always put my finger on the pulse of what stage of development I am undertaking.

This little book is basic and it is a compilation of Gaston St-Pierre’s work. I myself find it as an introductory stage, but there is no substitute to taking the course(s).

I will always be grateful to this man and his work, and the few days that I spent in the heart of London, healing myself with fellow humans who wanted to know what is all about becoming a butterfly. His practitioners work in London’s most important healing fairs and if you ever visit London during the summer, you would be able to experience the Metamorphic Technique right in your own two feet.

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