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Book Review: “The Science of Getting Rich” By Wallace D. Wattles


Title: The Advancing Personality

Once in a while we come across a person, a book, a thought, a city, a home, a view, a portrait… which reaches far deep inside us and resonates with our soul, provoking a change in our mind-set or in our perspective of life and inspiring us to take action.

This can be understood as the recognition of a soul-truth, a memory that was hidden somewhere in our mind or body and that is now rescued and brought to light by this, usually innocent encounter.

The result can be a permanent change in our life, one that can’t and won’t be undone, one that pushes us to become more than we were before. And we are propelled to a new level of growth, cycle or life stage and we may refer to it as a turning point later on in our life.

I believe that when we come across something of this magnitude is because we are ready to assimilate the lesson. We don’t normally feel like this at the time because of the changes that are triggered and the mixed feelings that arise, such as thrill, anxiety, fear or excitement. But the fact is that these events are the equivalent to opening a window to our soul and allowing the light in; and what we see, feel and understand can never be undone, because what we learn can not be forgotten and what we become aware of can not be ignored.

Among the dozens of spiritual books that I have read, one stood out for its simplicity and its powerful message. It is a book that apparently can be downloaded for free in the internet and I don’t even remember when or how it came to me. I have only recently finished reading it but I must say that this was the time when I was focusing on creating abundance from within. This book started a momentum into the mindset that I have today and which has resulted in crystal clear clarity of my life vision, of my purpose and of my main gift.

I started to read this book in December 2003. As with all spiritual books, I only read a chapter or page at a time until I feel that I have got enough information. I then close the book and meditate on it in order to digest and assimilate such information. I don’t want to miss any important points and then having to go back to the same old lesson! Usually, I don’t move on to the next page or chapter until my intuition tells me so, usually finding myself reading several books at the same time for a few months, or even years!

By the time I was growing into the message of the book, a few months had passed by. One day at the beginning of September I decided to go back to it and found myself reading the chapter called “Getting into the Right Business”. I thought that it seemed quite a coincidental or synchronistic place!

The first concept that gripped my attention was the notion that “Desire is a manifestation of power […] where there is strong desire to do a thing, it is certain proof that the power to do it is strong and only requires to be developed and applied in the right way”.

For so many years I struggled wondering what my gift could be, what I wanted to do, which one of my skills would give my life more meaning. We normally ask the people around us what they think our gifts are to which we are responded with the obvious ones (in my case for instance, speaking languages) or the ones that you get paid for (the practical skills, our experience or qualifications). But what we really want to know is which gift will be more meaningful to us, will bring us more fulfilment, as well as recognition, satisfaction and abundance.

So I decided to forget all the diplomas, studies or jobs that I had done in the past and connect with what really made me happy. I know what it is because when I carry out this activity time passes by so fast that I lose myself in some kind of time/space warp, only to awake a few hours later surprised that more than 10 minutes have passed by! So I decided that I am a writer.

Then I thought “OK – but there is such a vast market out there that it seems impossible to ever getting my work recognized, accepted or valued by a specific niche of people”.

With this in mind, I continued reading the book and came across the following concept: “You can get into the business you want by making constructive use of the business you are already established in […] insofar that your business consists in dealing with other people, whether personally or by letter, the key thought of all your efforts must be to convey to their minds the impression of increase”.

It followed saying that “the desire for increase is inherent in all human nature; it is the fundamental impulse of the Universe. All human activities are based on the desire for increase. People are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure – increase in something, more life” because “every living thing is under this necessity for continuous advancement; where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once”.

“The normal desire for increased wealth is not an evil or a reprehensible thing. It is simply the desire for more abundant life […] and because it is the deepest instinct of their natures, all men and women are attracted to those who can give them more of the means of life”

I was shocked by this statement because I, like many other people, had very conflicting thoughts about money. However I instinctively knew that money itself is nothing but a simple reflection or mirror of our energy, mind-set, patterns, beliefs, etc.

This proved to me that indeed, money is not an evil thing on itself but they way people use it when they impose their power and control over others. So I thought that if I could link money to energy or life, then I could take away all confusing thoughts and contradictory beliefs, including guilt for having or not having it, for either needing it or being/not being successful in attracting it.

And so if I could do this, I could dissolve the resistance when thinking about money flowing into my life and I could open up to new opportunities, the result of a new mind-set about abundance and wealth.

The book follows saying: “No matter how small a transaction, even I fit be only the selling of a stick of candy to a little child, put into it the thought of increase […] convey the impression of advancement in everything you do so that all people shall receive the impression that you are an advancing personality and that you advance all who deal with you”.

To our friends, boss, colleagues, partner, children, neighbours; to the beggar in the street and the children in the park; to our mother in law who does our head in every time she calls or our mum who keeps treating us like a child

even though we are 30 years old or more!). To the person who stole our handbag and to the person behind the counter who clearly doesn’t want to do his or her job… to all of these people, these are lots of situations where we have an opportunity to imprint the thought of advancement and increase.


The book continues saying: “You must so impress others that they will feel that in associating with you they will get increase for themselves. See that you give them a use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them” because “people will go where they are given increase and the supreme, which desires increase in all and which knows all, will move toward you men and women who have never heard of you. Your business will increase rapidly and you will be surprised at the unexpected benefits which will come to you”.

Do you think it is worth giving it a go? I did and I haven’t looked back since.

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