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Book Review: “The Sixth Sense” By Stuart Wilde

Sixth Sense

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Title: Making life worth living

“If you develop and tap into the sixth sense, you begin to tap in to knowledge, you gain a silent power, and life becomes less fearful. You flip to a higher orbit to journey beyond the karma of the day-to-day… the karma of ignorance”.

Yes, I do agree with these words from Stuart Wilde in The Sixth Sense. And not just because I believe them, but because I have aligned myself with them and managed to run my everyday life in this way.

I agree with the writer when he says that energy is the one unlimited power and reservoir in the universe and you can tap into this power starting by noticing things. This, of course, requires that we slow down or frantic lifestyles and intend to pay attention that what is around us.

I also agree with his observation that concentration is an act of love because when you actually pay attention to something, you are either curious or interested in that thing, and by wanting to give it your time, energy and attention, you are actually starting to listen to that thing, which is when communication can actually open up. Otherwise, we live in a monologue within ourselves, mostly separated or extracted from the universe around us. And bridging that gap is what Stuart calls embracing the shadow and fixing it, or, what I call background noise: nobody can truly hear you and you can’t truly hear anyone or anything with all the background noise of incessant repetitive thoughts and emotions locked in time in your etheric but also physical bodies.

The bad news, it takes work and courage to look into the shadow and recover or integrate parts of it to turn them around and make them light. The good news, as you do so, you claim your personal power and with it, you open up for yourself a world of imagination, possibilities, creativity and opportunities.

In my experience, having flipped the inner polarity of negativity into positivity, as Stuart says, has resulted in a refocused and re-energized life and a rejuvenated mind and body, which makes every single moment of my life worth living.

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