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Book Review: “The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (Celestine Prophecy)”

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Title: A new vision for the future

By the time I had read The Celestine Prophecy and worked through the Experiential Guide, I was definitely on the roll. There was no way I was going to drop such a massive source of growth and aid in understanding higher truths at the beginning of my spiritual path, there were so many energetic concepts that these books offer.

The 10th insight was a quantum leap in the understanding of what I had absorbed so far. Yes, I understood the 9 insights and their energetic parallels, and I was doing my best to raise my vibration and follow its cues in order to be able to see beauty everywhere I looked.

And I was succeeding quite well when this Ten Insight propelled me into a further understanding of what the possibilities for the future would be with an unlimited source of power free for all.

The world we know today would definitely be not the same because, for starters, there would be no point of arguing or fighting to control such source. But the book describes very well how the major power players in the world would do anything they could to control it, regardless!

These concepts are much more heard today, but one must think that this book was really well ahead of its time.

I definitely loved the fact that it put so many valuable seeds in my consciousness, which have matured 17 years later. I have fond memories and I still own all these books, which I don’t lend anyone because they are as well-loved part of my library as my baby’s photographs are part of my memories!

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