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Check out my new YouTube Channel! Journey of a Spiritual Traveler - Spiritual Education Made Fun 🦋

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The stories and anecdotes in this channel are from my 26-year spiritual journey, which I recorded in my spiritual journals, including spiritual training, dreams, visions, clairaudient downloads, etc.

I intend to educate on spiritual matters through fun, since laughter is the best medicine for releasing the stuck Ego layers of fear, self-importance or self-doubt, so that you can start releasing your burden and walking with motivation and dedication towards your appointed destiny: JOY.

Coyote Totem is the TRICKSTER: its medicine is laughter. If we don’t learn to laugh at ourselves, we will find it hard to let go of what is unimportant in life.

A short BIO: I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysics (Philosophy of Spirituality), a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster in Communication and Leadership), a Master’s in Education and Modern Languages, I am a Polyglot, I have a diploma in Life and Business Coach (CPT with Coach-U) and I am a Reiki Master.

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