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December for 2021: Make it Real

Following on from my previous articles where I talk about the energies that took place in October and their resulting shift (please find below the links)

“Out of the Grid”


“A New Focus – A New Biz Plan”

Maybe you have noticed that this first week of December offered a very still ebb of energy – we were forced to stop and regroup resources.

I could describe it as a small confinement within the confinement – the universe putting the handbrake on just for a moment…

But as slow as my body was feeling, my brain was marching at full speed, so much that I was finding it difficult to sleep as I had so many thoughts circling around in my head… just like my Hawk Totem does when it senses adventure in the horizon, something moving on the ground, a possible prey.

In my case, a concept, a new point of focus, a goal to achieve.

We have been asked to stretch beyond where we have been so far and this requires a still body an active mind working to rewire, refocus and redefine the options.

In the above articles I asked those who were ready to draft a life or business plan around October. The point was to redefine our path forwards letting go of surreal or irreal possibilities: outmoded or burdensome activities that were preventing us to shed the old skin which had become too tight during 2020.

We were being asked to prepare for 2021.

I have spent the last 3 years redefining who I was – I took my totems and archetypes, my numerology and I Ching… tools that I have been constructing for many years, and put them together.

I looked for points of commonality. I looked at everything that I had put online and then wrote it down in words. Next, I looked for the synonyms of the core words relevant to my main skills and picked the ones I resonated with the most.

With this work, I locked onto who I really was and I allowed myself to refocus.

Now it was slightly different: in December, I was being asked to look at the technology, the tools and the platforms that I was engaging with. Were they too many? Were they the wrong ones?

I made an extensive list of things to learn: YouTube tutorials, websites and online platforms to check out…

What I realised is the although there is a lot out there, one only needs a small amount of forums and activities to be done on a regular basis, specialise on them (or master them) in order to make a dent in the huge internet market.

Finally my Hawk had found its prey: synthesise, simplify, refocus, redirect your energies in one single point of action.

We need to master one or two forums and one or two skills. We don’t need to do everything everywhere, be everything to everyone and become successful in all areas…

This is somehow the mind-set that we picked up along the way. I don’t know why, but what I do know is that it is the surest way to be unhappy and unsuccessful.

So basically, we first have to decide who we are and secondly, pin it down. Then, we have to find the most resonating area of expertise (that which makes us the happiest) and finally, we need to find a couple of forums that will allow us to do this work shining brightly.

Like my Hawk would do, it is a matter of consistent and persistent focus, which is I believe maybe the lesson of our times.

The final lesson that I learnt is that I can’t go by what other people are doing, basically because we all have our own individual path and what works for another may not work for you: It is not about duplicating another person’s course of action but to align to our inner desire and potential, then attract the activities that match it all up, that resonate with us.

When we don’t work from inside out and we attempt to work from outside in, we simply get distracted.

So if you haven’t done your Life Plan / Business Plan yet, we still have time for 2021. And I came to the conclusion, after having learnt from life, that in the future we shouldn’t separate our life from our work: our life can’t be split into two any longer – we should live our passion and earn from it, not endure a series of hours a week which we call work, waiting to retire to enjoy life… Because what if we don’t have life when we retire?

At least we know that we have life now and we should live it while we have it.

There is no entitlement and no assurances. If 2021 is going to show us something is that we have to let go of securities and assurances paid with money. The only security and assurance that we will have is the power of our inner being, centred and clear from all the noise around us.

In my case, I realised that what I really love doing is creating content. They say that content is the king but there are lots of people who struggle with producing content.

But I feel that I am continuously plugged into the Cosmic Mind and I keep reading energies, weaving them into my life, linking them to everyday situations and synthesising the lessons into articles, posts, books, blogs, courses, presentations… the format doesn’t matter; what matters is that I always have an opinion, I always have something to say and I always want to say it!

As a Life Number 30/3, my potential is self-expression and, after all these years, it turns out that all I want to do is to express myself!

So now that I know that, all there is left to do is find the most exciting and adventurous ways to do so.

Again, my Hawk working archetypally on my behalf.

Part of the task we have ahead is to let go of something in order to spend more energy doing less frantic work. In my case, I am replacing my old Stargate Article Series with more personable videos.

People were telling me that the intro music was annoying and although at the time that was my technical level of expertise, I have to admit that they were right!

Secondly, I am starting to translate my books into Spanish to open up this market and in doing so, I am upgrading both, the English and the Spanish sets according to the level of knowledge that I have today.

To top it up, I am writing inspirational posts from the books, creating a small library per book.

And thirdly, I have identified some top Apps on Marketing, SEO and other Biz tutorials. I am targeting book preview publishing sites, inspirational Quote banks, courses selling sites, etc because after years of trial and error, I have chosen to be loyal to 1 site for each category.

For instance, Amazon for EBooks and books; Wix for my Website; Linkedin for professional networking; WordPress for my Blog; Patreon for customer base; YouTube for video platform… And develop a relationship with followers, subscribers and friends – my online family 😊🌟

So you may be wondering, “How is this different from the sorting and refocusing from the previous year(s)?” and my answer is:

I believe that in the past we were asked to pinpoint who we were and define it clearly.

In my case, I came to the conclusion that in my heart and in my mind I am metaphysical author and consciousness coach invested in helping inspire people to unlock their potential.

It doesn’t matter whether you can do more jobs, for instance, I have been a manager and an educator for many years… but that is not what gives me joy today. So I had to mourn my previous careers and let them go, knowing that following my higher calling today will open the doors of joy in my future.

And yes, that requires faith.

And now we are being asked to use the technology available to us to make our road forward easier, not more complicated; that’s to say, put ourselves out there in a neat, clean and effective manner using the available technology and creating collaborations for mutual support.

And this also may teak a leap of faith.

But we need to learn to uncomplicated our lives because control is out and flow is in.

And I know that it takes time to be able to define yourself to this level but when you do, you are almost there.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD

December ’2020

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