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From my book “Attraction for Success” – Are You Attractive?

Attraction for Success – The Art of Effortless Living”

Most people think that to be attractive means to look attractive. However, reading fashion magazines and interviews from some of the top models in the world, you would be surprised to find that they don’t see themselves as beautiful as the rest of the world does: they somehow find faults with their physique and looks, just like any woman does.

Attraction is not something that exists on the outside: attraction is a magnetic quality that some people have, regardless of body shape and/or appearance.

Throughout this program I state that anyone can feel attractive, anyone can become attractive, and everyone has the right and the responsibility to feel happy inside their skin and, therefore, to shine from within with the light of attraction.

We are so used to believing that life is hard and money is hard to earn, that we forget to be happy. Starting by accepting, acknowledging, and being grateful for the gifts we were naturally given, those that we acquired on the way, and the skills and resources that we have developed within the work or profession we do.

The abundance of love and support that we are given by the people around us, and the unlimited bounty that the Universe has to offer us, is all just at the end of our fingertips.

Knowing this makes us attractive.

Manifesting our dreams is not something that only a few privileged people can achieve.

Just like attraction, we all have the power of our thoughts (that’s to say, the energy that our thoughts are made of) to use as we wish, and to produce or create either good (positive, nurturing, fulfilling events and experiences in our life) or bad (draining, negative ones).

It is time to stop thinking that hard work, painful effort, struggle and friction are necessary for us to move forward in life… this is, unless we chose to learn our life-lessons this way.

I believe that effortless attraction is the way of the future for light and aware individuals who want to learn their earth-lessons by moving towards the light (awareness, understanding, compassion and love), moving away from pain (self-criticism, self-punishment, guilt, remorse, unforgiveness and emotional drama).

I hope you enjoy it!

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