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Getting it Right

Hi there!

I would like to invite you to check my new Instagram account (link below) :

You will be able to keep up to date with daily inspirational quotes, videos, articles, posts and stories… a world of colour and words in beautiful backgrounds… both in English and Spanish.

As a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster in Communication and Leadership), a Polyglot and with an extensive background as an Educator in several countries, I bring you brief but powerful messages to keep you focused and balanced.

As a doctor in Metaphysics (PhD), Reiki Master and Life and Business Coach (CPT from Coach-U), I open up for you a world of awakened consciousness that will ignite both your mind and your feeling centre, provoking you to create your own strategies for success.

For further information, please check my website (link below) – feel free to join the forum:

Stargate Institute of Integration of Consciousness

And please visit my Amazon Author page where you will find my numerous books on the field of spirituality, personal development, emotional intelligence and human potential.

You can choose your favourite Ebook from my collection, which I will send to you for free in exchange for an Amazon review.

I thank you for your attention and please, feel free to ask any questions.

Kindest regards, Dr Ana García PhD DTM

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