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How to Surf an Energy Wave

Sometimes we find ourselves flowing with life - we can accomplish difficult tasks effortlessly in a short time and without setbacks. This is the high seas of a wave of energy. Our instinct is to maintain this fantastic effortless-accomplishment feeling for as long as possible.

We feel powerful and this feeling is a natural high where synchronicities come closer to us, where we have a bit of magic in our lives. We feel aligned with destiny, we experience the thrill of moving forward and the achievement is invigorating ... but then the rhythm of the energy transforms into a low tide and the energy recedes.

If we don't give in to the beat and don't allow ourselves to do "nothing" during this energetic low tide, we may find ourselves pushing forward as the energy wave pulls us back.

This is the time to let go, to relax, to think, and to re-evaluate what we will do when the next wave arrives. But if we don't, we will find ourselves crawling forward and fighting the elements. This is how Mother Earth breathes in our lives: the exhalations are the high seas and the inhalations are the low tides.

We will never have all the money, time, and energy to accomplish everything on our to-do lists. Why not align ourselves with the rhythms of nature?

After all, as the Borg said in the Voyager series: "Resistance is futile."

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