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Hummingbird and the Path of Joy

Anyone who is alive these days will vouch for the intensity, strain and emotional roller coaster that we are experiencing in what we call the modern world.

Some days we feel better and on top of the world, other days we feel low and can’t understand what is going on. We know about the law of attraction and that we magnetize our thoughts so we try to keep a positive outlook in order to balance our energy and emotions, but the pull of the past and our old mind-sets, the negative news, the lockdown situations… all add together to bring us down. And in between all these high and lows, we sometimes survive and sometimes excel.

Two days ago I was in a low. Don’t ask me why – I am not sure why I woke up in a bad mood. I think I had a nasty dream and it left a really bad taste in my mouth. I tried to do the positive thinking thing, the happy visualization, the deep breathing… and nothing was working. I still felt miserable.

So I stropped out of the door with my yoga mat to go to the communal garden and see whether stretching outside in the sunny morning would release from me this suffocating net that I felt was tight around me.

Suddenly, as I was minding my own business and somehow had managed to attain some peace of mind, I heard a peculiar bird’s chirp. It felt as if it was calling me. I looked to my left and just there, in between a neighbour’s two sheets that were hanging drying, a tiny and immensely beautiful hummingbird was flying in a total vertical motion, steady like a ship main mast in a dead calm sea, sticking its long thin beak into the one single flower that seemed to have any life inside it at the end of this autumn, for just 10 seconds.

But in those 10 seconds, I had the chance to see in detail its most luminous iridescent green-blue colour, which it was hardly believable that any animal of the earth can possibly have. And at that moment I remembered that in my totems, Hummingbird means Joy.

When Hummingbird flies, it makes a humming noise (hence its name) and the flowers, resonating with the vibration, open up because they know they have a chance to be pollinated. It is a win-win situation and hummingbird doesn’t worry about finding flowers. It just does its thing and the flowers appear, open up and call it with the sweet smell of their nectar.

And so suddenly my mood switched. And in that positive mind-set of abundance, renewed faith, recovered optimism and empowered emotions, I went back home and sat at the computer. And suddenly some article about power-breathing reached me and I started to read with curiosity.

For a while now I have been working to create a life-work balance with all this “working from home” scenario, plus having the family around interrupting me every two minutes, or my daughter needing my computer or asking me to check her homework. Hey, I am not complaining – it is being great for me! But sometimes I would like to be able to flow a bit easier through the tasks of the day without having a to-do list that I must complete before going to bed.

So the way I have been handling this new lifestyle is to create a list in the morning but softly letting the universe guide me from one activity to the other without forcing things to happen. Sometimes I achieve a lot, other times I don’t know where the day went. All in all I feel happy, accomplished and successful, but other times I want to turn back the clock and recover that day that I feel was lost without any bells or whistles.

And as I read about power-breathing, I realised that the many notes that I had been taking over the years about the rejuvenating and strengthening effects of conscious breathing, the higher levels of fitness and the higher level of awareness that you are able to achieve through breathing were all true. But then, I thought, why do I feel that I have discovered something new?

Very simple: my point of awareness was there.

The hummingbird was there – the flower was there – I was there – my consciousness was steady and centred when it appeared. The universe sent me a signal and I was able to hear it because I was there. Not just my body but the whole of me.

And as I picked up the message, I suddenly realised that my issues of meditation, fitness, detoxing, empowerment, body weight… and others, were all resolved in one clean sweep.

I have started to do power-breathing for two days, the same way that I started to do my daily meridian tracing a month ago and a facial massage in the morning a couple of years ago. I also do 20 minutes stretching or walking in the morning and one hour studying my languages in the afternoon.

I have created a routine that is simple but that efficiently includes various modalities into one. I am becoming efficient in managing my time because the universe keeps giving me solutions to the many little nagging questions that I have in the back of my mind, and every time that I receive an answer, I feel lighter and freer.

And the answer is always joy, because without joy, there is no point in living.

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