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Inspirational Quotes – Vol III

My new book is now available in Amazon:

“Inspirational Quotes – Volume III”

“A collection of Inspirational Quotes, a world of colour in beautiful backgrounds to open up a world of awakened consciousness that will ignite, both your mind and your emotions, provoking in you the inspiration so that you to create your own strategies for success”


Book (Soft Cover): ISBN: 9798521026906

Book (Hard Cover) : ISBN: 9798521040537

YouTube Book Trailer:

************* FEEDBACK *************

“Dr. Ana writes her books with simplicity and humility, giving examples from her life and inspiring and giving hope” (Anonymous)

“Dr. Ana teaches with her own example that the unconscious following of the Ego focuses us on having and doing, but not on being, and she observes that only when we look at life through the heart can we find the peace we seek” (Anonymous)

“Dr. Ana educates us in spirituality by telling her personal stories with courage and humor, allowing us to see unsaid but perceived realities between the lines” (Anonymous)

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