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Languages Vs Metaphysics

Languages Vs Metaphysics

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I have a passion for languages. I love the communication and expansion that comes with understanding other cultures, other people and other countries, through their unique way of self-expression.

But I also have a passion for metaphysics. I love the understanding of how energy works to create the life that we dream of, and I love the technicalities of spiritual science as a source to manifest reality.

At first sight, you might think that these two fields are completely unrelated.

I also thought it at first.

I was 23 when I became a languages teacher: Basque, Spanish and English. I thought that teaching wasn’t a very good profession because it was so easy. I had dreams of holding big powerful jobs in great corporations. It was obviously my Ego on a trip of its own.

I originally wanted to become an engineer. I enrolled at university but it was then, at the age of 19, that the doctors found something very wrong with my back. In their words “a little bit late to put it right” but we did try and spent a couple of years getting it fixed.

At the end of this time, I was so behind everyone else in my engineering class, and the course was so difficult that I went into depression as I realized that no matter how much I fought, I had to let this dream go. Those 4 months in hospital with 5 kg weights hanging off my neck in order to pull me up as other straps pulling my hips down, attached to the bottom of the bed, in order to stretch my back, day and night; a plaster all around my body that followed for four months; a corset made of leather and aluminium for another year… I felt I was living in torture and honestly I simply gave up trying to keep everything together.

I went into some kind of comatose state. I didn’t want to study any further but my mum convinced me that I had a great capacity for learning and so I enrolled at the private teaching university; it was very expensive, but it was too late to enrol anywhere else. The state’s free universities’ enrolment deadlines had expired so my parents found themselves paying huge amounts of money that they didn’t even have in order to allow me to have some kind of career. This is sometimes the cost of lost little souls to parents and guardians.

I went to the teaching university and it was just too easy, so I started to get my confidence back and regained my energy and joy of living. However, because my entry at this university hadn’t been planned, I found myself lacking in my knowledge of English and Basque and I was struggling to pass these two subjects.

I enrolled in the Official School of Languages for extra lessons in both languages in the evenings, which made my days really long and exhausting. But I managed to stick to it for 3 years and pass the exams of Cambridge University Proficiency Diploma and the equivalent in Basque given by the Basque Government, called E.G.A.

Finally, I was a teacher of these 3 languages. I wasn’t too taken by the teaching aspect but I was totally in love with the languages and the mental gymnastics that I had done in order to acquire them, own them and use them. It was exciting stuff! Opening doors in my mind that I didn’t know existed, meeting people with mindsets different to mine, and managing to connect. It was just incredible. I felt very free, part of something.

I then put my name down for the Basque Government teaching lists and while I was waiting for my first job, I went to England for a couple of months as an au-pair… which turned out to be 17 years: a marriage and a divorce, a few jobs, no children and an enormous amount of life experiences afterwards, my mum asked me to go to Spain for good with my family as I was alone in the UK.

But I knew something was around the corner and I said that I must wait. A little later the man who is today my husband appeared in my life, out of the blue. And with this, a move to Cape Town in South Africa.

By the age of 32, prompted by the heartbreak of my divorce, I embarked on the Spiritual path in order to gain my personal power. I felt I had been leaning on others for too long and it was clear that the sooner I took responsibility for the state of my life, the better.

Metaphysics became my passion and my saving grace.

I studied deep and wide, high and low. I gained many certificates. Life coaching, Reiki Master, Galaxial Realignment, Metamorphic Technique… Distinguished Toastmaster (public speaking) and a PhD in Metaphysics. I had a daughter in 2006 and 3 years later, she started school, which gave me some free time and an opportunity to reintegrate into society.

I decided that this time I had to earn my living in a joyful way and based on my natural gifts. I wanted to bet on Spirit – show to myself and to others that I could make the spiritual way the way: no competition, no struggle, no stress, not forcing. Simply joy, expansion, expression of your gifts, empowering and supporting of others… anything and everything that you have read in all those personal development and self-help books!

The main paths that opened for me were the teaching of personal development workshops, public speaking coach and Spanish teacher. I put my adverts in an internet free advertising site ( and I started to get a flow of clients and students.

It was one day, after having done this work for a few months that something clicked: I REALISED I WAS A TEACHER! I WANTED TO BE a teacher. I realized that TEACHING WAS GIVING ME GREAT JOY! And, IT WAS EASY!

It had to take 23 years for me to come full cycle and ACCEPT my gift! Some of us do take a long time indeed to learn our life lessons!

The energies started to adjust and align. My life path started to become clear. A vision for the future started to form in my mind. I was at peace and in harmony. I had found my passion and I knew that, regardless the fact that I was not earning what I had earnt all those years ago in the corporate world, my inner world was right, and hence so was the world of my daughter and husband, and of anyone who came in contact with me!

I had a fantastic Numerology reading at that time ( and I can highlight a couple of things that confirm my inner realizations:

“In order to fulfil your destiny, it’s important to accept that there are certain things you must be, do, and accomplish in your life. As a gal with a 6 Destiny, your life task is service to the world. It’s your job to comfort those who are unhappy and weak. Yes, I KNOW that particular goal sounds a little grandiose but believe it or not, you have the power and the talents to achieve it!

You are the nurturer, the healer, the teacher. You’re a NATURAL when it comes to providing comfort, whether it be a shoulder to cry on for a friend who is going through some tough times or quiet encouragement to a husband or partner who might be stumbling on a Life-path. Your quiet, friendly nature and supportive sympathy seem to tell others that they can trust you with their innermost secrets. That’s some kind of trust you inspire!

You have a natural and unique gift for raising other people’s spirits when they’re down and showing massive amounts of affection! Thanks to the 3 influence in this Reality, you’re constantly bouncing from one situation to the next and spreading cheer wherever you go.

It probably goes without saying that your nurturing nature is happier in a domestic setting than when dealing with the rigors of public life or the dog-eat-dog corporate world. Money isn’t your primary goal, unless it’s used to provide comfort and a good lifestyle for yourself and your family.

You also place a high value on beauty. Part of your Destiny is to try and beautify the world (as well as providing comfort). I’m sure you do this quite well in your home environment”.

Now, isn’t this awesome? To spend a lifetime searching for your path, direction, destiny and truth… to go through the trials of life and come to a conclusion which is confirmed and exactly defined in your name, in your numbers, in your stars, in your blueprint?

I couldn’t be happier. I had found my niche. I had my foot in the door of my destiny and although my job at this moment wasn’t anything big or remarkable, it was important: to my clients, to my students, to my family. I didn’t want to throw myself into the road of success that could create demands on my time and resources, producing stress that would affect my little girl and throw my family life off balance.

All this information coming together helped me understand the connection of why my two fields of action were languages and metaphysics, when at first glance don’t seem to have anything in common:

I love to translate; this means, I love to help people see clearly what they originally can’t grasp or understand. I love to see their little faces lightening up when they see it or understand it; when they get it. That’s where the teacher comes from.

I also love tapping into very high (spiritual) information and translate it, transmute it or transform it into practical truths that people can apply to their lives to make it easier, to make sense of things, to be able to glide and succeed and keep their sanity in these fast-paced, complicated times we are living.

Again, in my Numerology reading, it says:

“Talk about a woman who bounces back from difficulties! You KNOW that life dishes up its fair share of challenges, but you RIDE THEM OUT with your adventurous spirit, inquisitive mind and a terrific sense of humor!

Your particular brand of creativity needs to be shared with others.

You share your birthday with people who overcome life’s challenges by loving – and living – life to the full!

You’re endowed with a mind that never, EVER rests! Those wheels in your brain are constantly turning. Interesting ideas, new ways to make a quick buck, and unusual opportunities are just some of the products of your prolific “organic computer”. Go with its flow: if you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what comes floating downstream!

People are impressed by your unique mind. You’re probably often referred to as “quick-witted,” a woman with a mind that is “as sharp as a tack.” Companies want your brain because they know it will help make them more money. Friends want it because it means they’ll never be bored in your company!

Yours is a mind that is always one step ahead of everyone else’s. You can answer a person’s question even BEFORE they’ve finished asking it. You quickly perceive other people’s motivations and pick up on things in a flash. It doesn’t take you long to grasp a concept, whether it’s how to make great homemade beer, or how to program a computer!

Listening to others is not a difficult task for you. You’re genuinely interested in finding out the other person’s viewpoint. You get a great kick out of playing devil’s advocate, and this helps stimulate other people’s minds, too!”

Languages open up possibilities; they involve communication and self-expression; they require opening your mind to new cultures and new ways of doing things. In order to learn a language, you have to drop some of your ego and make space for the new energies. EACH LANGUAGE AND EACH CULTURE IS A FREQUENCY; it is a way to understand the world. It is a prism, a p glass, a pair of glasses with specific colour specs.

Metaphysics open up your vision to a broader and higher perspective of your life and your potential; metaphysics are to do with energy and inner connection to your higher guidance; in order to live your life by following a spiritual path, you must totally discard your ego and have at least one experience of a broken heart because as they say, a broken heart is a healed heart. METAPHYSICS ARE ABOUT DIMENSIONS, ENERGY, VIBRATION AND FREQUENCIES.

I do teach grown-ups and children. Children need the support and guidance of the grown-ups in order to be able to access their potential and gifts in this vastly complex world in which we live. But grown-ups need the children to show them new possibilities and ways of doing things, as these children are the next step of development of the human race and come equipped genetically to deal with higher energies. For this to happen, the grown-ups need to learn to listen to the children and drop their fear of loss of status or authority and live right in the middle of the children’s energies so as not to block the potential of these new generations.

Or in the concept of Neale Donald Walsh in his book Tomorrow’s God, the educational possibilities for the future, are called Creative Education – not based on memorizing information but on using current schooling tools in order to cross over the known border of the current 5% – 10% of humanity’s used brain potential.

Now, my path is taking me to teach Spanish part-time at the French School in Cape Town. The children are needing me and calling me, and I will be there to support them at a physical and energetic level. Spirit tells me that I need to be a tunnel of light to help these children learn faster, as they are new souls trapped in an outmoded system. I will never understand why children need to memorize incredible amounts of information when today, at the click of a key, one can find all the necessary information and learn accordingly as we need to. Isn’t the children’s task to use their creative abilities and use the technology (they are plugged into) in order to give us, the older generations, new solutions to the earth’s problems? I think so.

So I had to open my mind and my heart to allow others to take the lead: the children. For this, I need to guide them and help them get there, where (energetically speaking) they already are!

One of my clients calls me a shifter. Yes, this is what I do: I help people shift from the old earth to the new world in which we are embarking. I help grown-ups to drop their fears so that they can let go of the old values system that no longer applies in this new world and to develop their self-esteem, courage and confidence to go with the flow gliding on their natural gifts. I also help the children have the confidence to speak up and show us the way of acceptance of different people, races, cultures and ways of thinking.

But most of all, I help all of them shift by working with the frequencies of the languages and tune into the communication from the soul.

Article from the book “White Crane: The Path to Success of a Spiritual Traveller”

“Dr. Norma Milanovich  in “We, The Arcturians” says that reconnecting to your mission or divine plan makes it impossible for fear to direct your life. Very few souls understand this and take the appropriate steps to rediscover their paths on the Earth plane: these are called heroes. Patricia Pereira in “Songs of Malantor” says that spiritually focused individuals are rapidly evolving and must accept their role of sky warriors or eagles of the new dawn to create a magnificent new society by holding the energy of hope in these despairing times. Finally, Ashayana Deane says in “Voyagers II” that compassion raises our vibratory field, which is the key to change destiny.

In the following pages you will find a real-life account of a soul that heard the call and answered it; a soul that understood that there are ancient laws hidden under our current realities which, although different in the surface, show that the cycles of energy behind them keep repeating throughout time. White Crane shows us how to bring forth the message stored deeply in our DNA, in our cellular memory in order to assist the people of the Earth in the process of awakening. This is Spiritual Justice: the time has come for us to take our place”.

Copyright © Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM (2003 – 2019)

All rights reserved. No portion(s) of this book can be copied, used or reproduced for any manner without the expressed written consent of Dr Ana Garcia.

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