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Leveraging Our Skills

We did it. We left 2020 behind and with it, the beginning of what seems one of the most important transitions in human history.

I don't know about you but I have started the new year with a feeling of needing to stop for a moment to catch my breath from what was the energy marathon of 2020 but at the same time, excited about a new hope for all of us with the vaccines starting to move and a lighter feeling in my heart ♥

Last year we were holding it together by a thread and in the process, we had to look at what was no longer needed and where we needed to upgrade. And as always, I am sure that we all found that we could do with some refinement of focus. In my case, I looked at my skills because I intend to unlock some more of my potential, at my current level of consciousness, in order to ignite some new inspiration and get to "the next level". Whatever that means.

All in all, I intend to leverage my level of personal power and influence in 2021.

Within my new sense of adventure there is a base of self-containment: we are almost there but not quite yet. And within my new expanded vision there is a base of refined efficiency - I will certainly won't keep doing the same things that didn't work last year!

Finally, within my focus of wanting to save my personal energy for what really matters to me, there is a base of calibration or rebalancing within my daily moment of silence...

Because part of the change that we all should attempt to achieve this year is to soothe ourselves into trusting that we are marching with absolute certainty towards a better future for us all.

We created 2020 together in order to learn that nobody is more than anyone else and that we need each other, so that we can all make it in peace and prosperity.

So the way I see it, if each one of us specializes on our strongest skillset, educate ourselves to refine it and put it out there with the intention to make it together, we will turn the 2020 bad dream into the adventure of the future.

And this, my friends, is Hawk Totem - my very own birth guide. It asks you for courage, passion and inspiration. But is there any other way to fully live?

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