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Moon Power Transition of 26 May – 2021

The full moon of the 26th of May brought waves of energetic chaos, indicating to me that a rebirth was imminent (the upside-down world of Bat totem) so I decided to create a table with my archetypes, totems, planets, lessons, emotional issues, potential illnesses (energy weaknesses) and a list of synonyms so that I could create some perspective and see a thread or common point that would guide me to my next stage of growth.

Looking at my archetype lists of 2003, 2011 and 2019 (you are only supposed to do them once but I did them 3 times when I felt that my archetypes did no longer define me) and I found the common denominator that I was looking for – the lover: one who exhibits great passion or devotion.

The reason why I looked specifically for this archetype is that in the last few weeks, I have been moving my spiritual focus “towards love”- to find love where love is, to look at the small moments in my day and find the resonating vibration of love wherever it may be hiding. Sometimes, like the yin inside the yang, we can find it behind the things that we say we don’t want but yet, we have managed to create, materialize or manifest in our reality.

And since I don’t do “self-denial” (no judgment here) simply because it is not an efficient strategy for moving forward, I have trained myself to look behind the Maya of Illusion of each moment until I find that seed of love inside it. Why? Because love is all there is in this inclusive Universe, even though we might think that our reality shows a very different picture.

The second thing I was looking for in my table of archetypes and totems was the area where I might find the answer for a point of health that had been bothering me lately: a chronic upset stomach. I looked into House 7 ruled by Libra and focused on Relationships because this house happened to show me that area of the body as a potential energy imbalance.

When I went to the UK in 1988, I stayed for 17 years but I only got into spirituality in 1997 after my divorce (or should I say because of my divorce). I was looking for a philosophy that helped me become stable within myself rather than depending on anyone else for my wellbeing.

I had decided to take back my power and that’s how it all started. In the next 7 years, I became a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and a spiritual writer: Reiki cleared my blocked throat chakra and I became a steady channel for Spirit or universal consciousness, and I recorded all these stages of growth in my metaphysical and spiritual books.

Raising my vibration as I grew, I opened up fields of understanding that allowed me to take different decisions, for my future and my past: I forgave myself and others, released emotional toxins from my energy field and lightened my load. That’s to say, I released my Ego and surrendered to a higher power (the “dark night of the soul”).

Although this is easier said than done, I did it and this pushed me through to the next level – my wounded healer archetype became the healer, my student became the judge, my monk became the alchemist and my seeker became an advocate of those in a place more vulnerable than mine: I was using my voice on behalf of those who hadn’t found theirs yet.

Then I came to South Africa in 2005. My intention was to “learn to live through joy”- basically, liberate myself from struggle and suffering at any level I could. All those years doing shadow work (tapping into a disowned part of yourself because of fear, denial or pain) had helped me to become more powerful, more centred. But now, I decided that my strategy was to walk towards the light rather than walk away from the darkness.

As I started to “tune into higher frequencies”, I trained myself to follow the highest possibility in each moment: by choosing to shift my thoughts according to what was being presented to me by finding a better feeling each time. This way, I started to find balance in the everyday small things and the energies started to calm down. I no longer needed to receive a big shock from an unexpected negative event in order to learn a lesson but rather, I was “synchronizing” myself to the universal energy tides staying in my inner peaceful space during the greatest part of my days.

In other words, I had learnt to shorten the oscillating waves of polarity to create balance and harmony. I had gained a point of detachment and was able to negotiate whatever came into my reality from a certain point of perspective, the detached observer.

And so it was clear that I was “buzzing” with the Universal frequencies (Bee Totem) and the way I can explain this is that I had aligned myself to my Spider totem (East house of new beginnings): it senses the vibration on one thread of its web and with incredible agility, balancing itself on its 8 legs, it moves swiftly and with precision to catch its prey or in our case, seize the opportunity presented.

In the past, I would have worked instead with Raven, the shape-shifter from the void, which would have guided me to find a part of my shadow, bring it to consciousness or the light and integrate it into my energy field or web of reality.

As I say, I had been working for so long with the weaver archetype (artist or writer) and my Whale Totem (finding your voice) for the majority of 2019 that I didn’t think there was much more for me to squeeze out of my archetypes (after all, I have been working with them for 20 years). But last year I did a comprehensive astrological chart for myself and I thought that perhaps this new information could maybe could give me a new viewpoint.

In 2020 I repositioned myself in my social media as a Metaphysical Author, Consciousness Coach and Polyglot, a mentor and content creator of inspirational quotes and videos. I redesigned my website, my 2 Instagram accounts (both metaphysics and languages) and my 2 YouTube channels.

I was able to let go of my previous identification as a public speaking coach, life and business coach, tutor, Reiki Master practitioner, workshops facilitator… anything that I had previously done. And I also was able to identify and let go of online platforms that I didn’t think that served me, such as my Podbean podcasts or Patreon accounts, and I reduced my presence and attention in Facebook and Twitter, to concentrate on LinkedIn and WordPress instead.

Moving forward always means that we have to sacrifice the older and outmoded part of ourselves but letting go of the identification with it is not an easy task. Most of the time, we don’t even realise that this identification is holding us back. This is where the Raven’s shape-shifting skills come handy.

So just like my Hawk totem had been circling the skies of my consciousness looking for prey or adventure, that new angle, I was looking at my tables and charts in all possible different ways… until the day of the full moon I got what I could call a break in my consciousness and I found what I was looking for.

During the previous years I had spent a considerable amount of time integrating my Macaw (colourful self-expression), my author archetype (weaver), healing my home and family (generational) or my Moose totem with its lessons in personal power and authority. And I gave myself a new identity with my PhD in Metaphysics and my Distinguished Toastmaster diploma in Communication and Leadership.

I worked with Whale to find my voice and made a massive leap in consciousness with Cougar in my 9th House of spirituality when in 2019, I had an ”upgrade” by listening to Bruce Lipton and the power of the subconscious. My Coyote Totem or trickster in my 11th House (the World) helped me to internalise the innovator and entrepreneur and finally my Praying Mantis in the 12th house (The Unconscious) taught me that within the stillness, you ca balance your psyche, leaving behind the toxic pride that creates that fear of change.

The House 6 (Occupation and Health) with my Rabbit totem has showed me how to “chew things continuously” in order to “synthesize” them into ideas that help me, as per my sage or guide archetype, to focus on “saving the world”. House 8 of Resources asks you to release the fear of money or lack and confronts you with your greed versus integrity. I could tick this one off as well, so perhaps this is why I have just noticed that the clarity given to me by my Firefly totem tells me that “I have a light to shine upon the world”.

Then, the 10th House (Higher Potential) asks us to trust our inner guidance, which I have now learnt to do, and my Grackle Totem, black bird of communication, brings me the Gift of Vision, helping me guide others to change direction and move from the past to the future.

The new element in this house was Lilith or Black Moon (the point where the moon is farther from Earth), which demands from us to claim our feminine power without projecting it in order to please others but as a creative right. Another one ticked off.

But the final discovery that prompted a new doorway and created a new avenue for growth was the 7th house (Relationships), where I have the Lion as a totem.

I remember it vividly in September 2018. I was in a classroom with 22, 8th-grade students, who were busy pushing my buttons (as they do when they try to find their own safety by testing the consistency of the existing boundaries), one of the ways that the Universe uses to teach us power and authority.

After 8 months of trying to negotiate this chaotic group, one day I just roared: enough was enough.

And then, everything changed. My work was done and my Lion had come alive.

Spirit said that I could now leave – I had learnt my last lesson in that school and I could move on. My Karma was cleared.

I had the Wounded Healer as an archetype in this house. It was obvious that I started in life with very weak boundaries. But I have always been very sensitive and had an inner guidance that I followed intuitively and maybe this is so because I have the Moon in this house.

Perhaps the Moon’s rhythms and cycles are one of the reasons why I am good at languages (rhythms and patterns) and this shows in many of my language terms, which include words such as waves, oscillation, energy, vibration, frequencies, cycles, rhythms, synchronicities, being out-of-synch, resonating with one another, alignment…

I couldn’t believe what I saw that my original weakness was becoming my strength! After I had integrated all the other archetypes and totems thus creating a stable vibrational base, the influence of the Moon was after all what was giving me a dynamic sense of renewable rhythm.

When I was young, I used to hide in my Armadillo Totem armour to shield my vulnerable solar plexus. But as I got stronger, I started to relax and use a more mature Armadillo strategy: it inflates its intestines when there is a flood in order to float away to safety.

I have now learnt to go with the flow (again, Moon rhythms?) and this work I believe will finally clear whatever blocked energy pathways or meridians traverse my solar plexus area: I know that it is our crystallized childhood memories linked to our unconscious Moon which create imbalances in our Yin-Yang energies and their corresponding body organs….

And just like the Moon can’t live without its opposite, the Sun, we can’t integrate our feminine side if we don’t balance it with our masculine or assertive side. It is the Yin and the Yang.

I remembered that at the beginning of my spiritual path my I Ching readings were invaluable. In fact, I think this is how I started to tune into The Tao or The Way, aligning myself to the subtle energies of flow and balance, learning when to let go and when to engage in a conscious and empowered way.

With this realization, I remembered that there had also been two times in my past where I had worked with the Moon energies for two very clear purposes:

Firstly, in 2009-2015 I had my own life coaching business and I noticed ups and downs in my client flow. I charted the moon in a diary for a few months after the Archangel Ariel showed me that you can align to the Moon’s cycles, tides and ebbs of abundance or lack. I found that there were certain highs and lows around the core phases of the moon: full moon, new moon, etc, and I started to see the patterns (rhythms). I was able to detach from the expectations and fears and created a full practice until I closed it down (due to extreme business!)

The second time was when I came to South Africa. I did try to conceive in my previous marriage, but this didn’t happen. Spirit told me to search the Moon phases against my birthdate and match them with the fertile part of my cycle: your fertility increases 1000% using this method. Two weeks later, I was pregnant.

Spirit told me that the animals know this wisdom instinctively and that humans have forgotten it.

Now, I could use the power of the Moon to e-mote or move the energies (emotions) in people through the word (the writer’s tool). I started to write inspirational posts, short stories in colourful backgrounds.

They can create the effect of awaken someone in a split moment of realization.

This was the work of the alchemist: the story-teller that could recalibrate, heal and transform a heart with the power of my communication skills and the bravery of my Lion.

And it is now that I understood why Hekate, the Goddess of the Crossroads and Goddess of the Moon, showed herself to me again at this point in my life. Aligned to the night, she gives to those who walk their truth and takes away from those who don’t take responsibility for themselves.

This is why she either gives all or takes all away.

It is said that the Panther Totem has X-ray vision, which can alter the cellular structure of a person just through its hypnotic eyes. This is the work of a High Priestess, which apparently, I was in a previous life.

People behave in two ways in front of Panther: those who are true to themselves follow and listen to it, while those who can’t or won’t look at the truth in the eye (self-delusion) are scared and attack it as they sense a power that they can’t control, manipulate or contain.

And this is why maybe I was given a hard time when I was young… before I integrated the inner Lion of my Relationships house.

I am moving forward with the power of the Moon looking to return to my home in Spain after 35 years of my foreign adventure. The doorway talks about a “Master of Diplomacy”. Perhaps having integrated joy, feeling free, talking a vibrational language that resonates with many… a polyglot that can open an understanding between different cultures in a place like Europe, where all these languages live together… is calling me next.

And like the alchemist I have become, I will turn my stomach complaint (which brought me to this point of understanding) into a possibility for growth and expansion. Or in other words, I will transmute a seemingly negative reality… into a beam of light.

As always, I keep searching… and I keep finding.

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