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New book: “Shamanic Journey”

“Shamanic Journey: Crossing the Portal of 2020 – 2021”


Book ( Soft Cover – ISBN: 9798483119333 )

Book ( Hard Cover – ISBN: 9798483123859 )

“In a Shamanic Journey, we find the answers to liberate trapped emotional, spiritual, mental and physical energies. These need to be integrated in the here and now by restoring our father-mother problems, genetic, karmic and generational outmoded patterns, all energetically crystallized in our DNA – our cellular memory – before we can declare ourselves cured and free.

The path of self-healing and spirituality is truly an individual path: An individual challenge and an individual choice. A path for the brave, walked step by step, to arrive to create our magnificent futures”

YouTube Book Trailer:

“A New Vision – New Business Plan”: Link:

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