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Out of the Grid

2nd November 2020

You may have been wondering what is with the crazy energies taking place during October, leading us to the full moon of the 31/10/2020. Everything was getting ready for a huge gateway and many energies came through.

Yesterday, Sunday 1/11/2020 was a particularly tough day if you noticed: things seemed to want to go backwards bringing feelings of frustration; maybe even loss of direction.

I saw a hawk literally gliding and hovering high up in the sky. Hawk is my birth totem and it means adventure, focus, emotional containment, targeting, looking with the perspective of the distance and not letting your wings be clipped by unnecessary arguments or peddle manipulations.

So I got the message loud and clear: the November huge doorway is going to allow us to redesign, redefine, refocus, reorganise, retouch... our activities to achieve a more organic rhythm. Others may not understand it but the focus is on yourself.

So I have started by renaming our group - I want to help people learn to use their energy in efficient, effective, simplified, practical and successful ways.

If you have a comment or a question, please write it here. It is going to be a great conversation!

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