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Preparing the Playground for your Future

When you change your thinking, it changes your energy mood and physical body and life: thoughts are real.

Sometimes we think we want something, so we put everything we have to get there, only to realise that it wasn’t what we thought it would be or simply, that we didn’t really want it.

That happened to me when I went to live to the UK in 1988 – I was a teacher but I wanted to be a manager. I focused all my energy, put all the hours, did all the training, and finally got there, only to give up the position after I realised that whatever more energy I would give to the job was only going to bring me more of the same.

So my conclusion was that what I had loved was the path of accomplishing the skills to get there and not the job itself or the position, status or money.

What a shocker!

The same happened to me afterwards in any other position I pursued, until I finally realised that what I really wanted to do was to be a writer, a consciousness coach, a polyglot… and continue to study, research, break ground on innovative thinking… under my own guidance and using my energy in my own terms. Now I am finally happy.

The advantage or benefit of pursuing what you think you want is to learn a lesson that will refocus us on the “real” path, no longer on the chimera, illusion or idea that someone had put in our minds or that we originally believed as being what we wanted – usually with the objective of gaining power, status or money. And always based on a need or want, a very weak foundation to our dream.

The truth is that when we push forward to achieve something that is not really in our hearts, that is not really part of our path or destiny, the price we pay is really high in terms of disenchantment, loss of hope, loss of health, disintegration of the relationships around us and even our self-regard. And since this usually comes from a need, not form a point of power, the results are also going to be weak and sometimes, they won’t stay – they won’t be permanent, and with this, we get a feeling that we have to keep fighting for something else and defending what we already have – which costs us dearly in terms of the energy output.

Is it worth living like this?

As we keep walking into the “wrong” paths (and I say wrong but there are really no mistakes, only lessons to learn) we learn the value of our truths: we learn to understand who we are and what we really want, that is, if we are observant and ready to surrender to our real dreams.

We need to get used to the idea that we should do things only because we love to do them, because they make us happy… anything else is a trap – we get entangled in a web that, by the time we realise it, it is very difficult to free ourselves from.

Everything has a price. Every action has consequences.

In order to prepare the “playground” to do what we love, we need to refocus our mind in a different way that we are used to. We are used to force ourselves to do what needs to be done because we look at the reality that we have constructed, which is full of obligations and responsibilities.

But like a sportsperson who trains for a big event, we must start form the very basics and do them on a regular basis in order to build the muscle of belief and understanding that, if we change our thoughts, we change our lives, therefore we change our future and our destiny.

And this is within our hands’ reach.

The following are some tips to start creating the picture of that life that is really meaningful to us, not that life that we inherited from our families, clans or society at large – that life that was sold to us when we were permeable, impressionable or when we didn’t really know very well who we were and what we really wanted:

  1. If you feel down, pushing, struggling or “efforting”… stop and realign. Find a picture of something that shifts your energy, a real dream, something that aligns you to your higher vision and “activates” you – you will know you got it because you will feel alive.

  2. Go to the garden, do some breathing exercises, take a break. Detach from what you are doing, step back and look at what you are doing from a “bird-view” distance in order to regain perspective of whether you should keep going or you could change your game to do the same action from a different point of view, from a different angle, to achieve it more efficiently. Think of it as a mind-game in strategy-learning.

  3. Do not keep moving forward when you are doing tasks and feel “heavy” – it means your energy will be better used somewhere else. When you feel motivated, then go back to the “heavy” task and you will do it faster and more efficiently once you are aligned with the current of energy.

  4. Check your self-talk. Pick your negative words and remove them from your dictionary or better still, flip them to their antonyms (opposite meaning words) and use them instead.

  5. When you have chosen your words, make sure that these are the most accurate words that reflect your feeling or emotion. Charged words create a movement of energy (e-motion is energy in motion) and you want to intertwine your emotions with your vision of your future so that it becomes real in your mind. Your mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not. If you look at it, it will believe it, no matter what.

  6. As you make sure to disentangle from the negative emotions that arise during the day and create a new discipline to start looking at the positive words, images and visions instead, you start steering your “ship” into a new “north” – a direction more aligned to whom you really are and to your highest potential.

  7. And as you make this way of living your life “your new normal” (forgive the pun) you will be receiving prompts, intuitions, ideas and guidance that will show you short-cuts or better ways to achieve the tasks that you would normally struggle with even a complete new path of action.

Like Abrahams Hicks says “you need to prepare the atmosphere” – “Pick a feeling and practice it chronically: then you will be delighted, but not surprised”

Because deep in your heart, you know that you can do it.

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