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Reiki distance healing session


Backgrounds – Dra. Esther Garcia from Selena Illustration Videos

Music – “Heaven” by David Fesliyan


The word Reiki primarily translated means “free-flowing energy”. The first syllable Rei means “spirit, soul, or subtle influence of the cosmos”. The second syllable Ki means “life force or life energy”.

When you receive a Reiki treatment, you may feel deep peace, relaxation, the release of physical or emotional pain, and a sense of well-being.

Using Reiki for distant healing is very powerful and quicker than most hands-on sessions. 15 minutes of distance healing is the equivalent of 1 hour of hands-on healing.

Drink water during the day to help toxins flux out. Write down your feelings, emotions, dreams, sensations, pains, energy levels, etc. Anything out of ordinary, your body giving you an indication of the energy moving and how it is being reabsorbed.

After each session, leave your energies to settle down before deciding whether you would like to continue with further healing.


“Atlantean Reiki is more powerful than all other forms of Reiki. There are mega-thousands of Reiki Masters “out there” (so to speak) but only a relatively small number will become “awakened” through their deepest cellular memory to absorb the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients and to activate the profound energies of the Life Cycle Energy Symbols into their conscious awareness”

Geoffrey Keyte, Atlantean Reiki Grandmaster

* * * * * * *

“The angels of Atlantis are now looking for people who are pure enough and prepared to commit themselves to take some of the wisdom from them and start to spread it on earth. This will help to bring back the energy of pure Atlantis”.

“Discover Atlantis” by Diana Cooper

* * * * * * *

"You are a peacekeeper, an awakened eagle of the new dawn. Only the most courageous are uncompromisingly motivated to evolve. A great many have received assignments that require immense amounts of stamina and creative resourcefulness. These individuals, eagles of the new dawn, exude energies of high moral integrity. They are brilliant dispensers of cosmic light. Their clearly spoken command to their Higher Selves is the impetus that initiated the exact situation they find themselves in”.

"Bringers of the Dawn",  by Barbara Marciniak

* * * * * * *

"The spiritual journey is an amazing and empowering one, yet, not to be done without someone nearby to direct and guide your intentions and Dr. Ana ALWAYS challenges the soul to become better”.

Dirk van der Mescht (Manager)

* * * * * * *


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