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Sacrifice and a Block to Success


"If you make peace with where you are,

It will make you go where you want to go faster"

In July 2019, after a long period of dedicating to a goal that seemed unsurmountable, I decided to stop and take stock of where I was at. The harder I was working to achieve this goal, the heavier, slower and more miserable I was becoming.

It wasn't that the goal was not worth it; it was about the way I was struggling to get there, no matter what, at any cost.

So the cost was that - "any cost": everything in my life was being swallowed by that one single-minded focus.

Knowing what I know about the laws of the universe, I realised that I was blinkered and that I had to stop to regroup my energy and redirect my objective. I thought that the goal was worthy but I didn't want to pay this price. So I literally stopped: I stopped doing everything except the necessities of life. I needed to allow my energies to settle, my vibration to consolidate somewhere, to take stock and start again... or change my approach.

It took me about a month and I went into some kind of "umbilical cord cutting" - I had retracted from what was giving meaning and purpose to my life at that moment and I was directionless, depressed, in pain without it. Like a drug addict without his drug. It was rather insane, I thought, how we drive ourselves to extenuation and self-destruction for a goal in an attempt to perhaps prove something, to ourselves or to others.

The emotional pain was excruciating but I have been there before, more than once, so I knew that I would go through it. I just had to stay with it feel it fully so that it was released from my psyche, but without losing my mind. I had to go for walks, eat healthy food, spend time with my family and talk about nonsensical things, such as what was on the TV or what was there for dinner... to distract my conscious mind from the withdrawal and allow my subconscious to regain its place in the scheme of things of my life.

I spent the month of August in some kind of comatose state and then, it passed. Everything passes. And suddenly, towards the beginning of September, I was feeling a lighter mood, a happier stance, an expansive desire... the storm had passed and the calm had arrived with its blue skies and placid waters. I was now in a position to refocus and redirect my activities.

I started to come across YouTube videos about mind-power and the power of the subconscious: Bruce Lipton, Gregg Baden and many others. And I realised that I was being given a new opportunity, a new language, a new way to see the world.