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Shamanic Journey (Part 1) – Purge of Emotions

Emotions are doorways to the unconscious. They are portals and healing triggers.

A lot of us are brought up having to please others. This means that the reward to our actions is the acceptance or lack of it according to whether we react in ways considered “acceptable” within the Status Quo or social make up around us.

This is not always a conscious decision made by the adults in our lives. This is how they were taught and they believe it to be “the right way” leaving little room to manoeuvre for the new generations that are born in vibrational circumstances much more ahead than the previous generations did.

In fact, according to Abraham Hicks, new generations are always born at the level of the dreams that previous generations put in the universal unconscious but that they didn’t get to fully experience.

The result of this dynamic is usually “Sacrifice” – always looking for acceptance from others. Like a dog waiting for a tap on the head from its owner.

Unfortunately, we are not dogs and that behaviour is not fulfilling for us. In fact, it is limiting, it is crippling.

In March 2020 I started to unravel this spiritual thread when I was searching for an answer to a block I was experiencing and looked at Chuck Spezzano’s cards (you can access them yourself in this link: and that’s when I first heard the concept of “Sacrifice – overcompensation to pay off guilt, giving without receiving, competition to avoid the contact that leads to success”.

The basic message was that no matter how much you give to others, if you don’t give to yourself first you are building your life on a lie. Chuck Spezzano calls it “untrue helping” in which we “punish ourselves through scarcity”.

I realised this to be true because for a while I had felt that I was working against an invisible wall of resistance and didn’t understand how “doing the right things” was not producing “the right results”. But the proof is always in the pudding.

It was then that I started to co-create my Life Discussions with Dr Ana YouTube Channel with a group of people who were also interested in evolving through healing and personal development. And this was the beginning of partnership and communication, which breaks the cycle of sacrificing.

In my healing sessions, issues with my lymph brought up the influence of Saturn in Piscis which rules “Karma” and the message was “dismantling the past, resetting the pace and stepping into my mission”. Because Saturn governs the teacher, I was supposed to teach what I had leant.

Saturn pointed out to a new way if seeing something and this was corroborated by Capricorn bringing me a change of direction by allowing me to step into the future through the discipline of my work.

In May 2020, I did a reading online and my Tarot card (link: was the Queen of Pentacles “monumental change – you will break ground”. And my I Ching reading (link: was No 44 “Rebirth – Liaison: your power needs to be resurrected as it was forced underground or misunderstood”.

To a certain point, we all have this or similar patterns where we create a self-made prision in our attempt to “fit in” and adapt to the expectations of others of us.

But in the end, there is only one way – number 7722 (link: brought it up to my attention “you have opened your soul to the world and demand to do only what your heart draws you. As you follow your natural rhythms, there will be synchronicities”.

I am a “weaver” – my Spider Totem placed in my East house of “new beginnings” will gather information intuitively from many levels and will weave it with “the original alphabet” of the DNA into an energetic vision that opens up a way of clarity, for me and everyone who follows this path that I continuously open up.

The power we gather becomes momentum. Without this energy build up, we can’t break through our self-made prisions and without persistent work and self discipline, we miss the dots that need to be connected to create the vision.

Emotions guide us through the illusion of reality to find the truths that really resonate with us at soul level. Once this hidden truth becomes conscious, once we can see it face to face, we can handle the energy released as we no longer spend it suppressing that truth – our lie, our prision.

And this is how we create a path through the purge of emotions.

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