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Teaching in the 21st Century: A Call to Service

Teaching 21st Century

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Teaching in the 21st Century

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I was a teacher at the age of 23.

After many years of wanting to be an engineer, I finally managed to get myself into the engineering university only to find out that I had a problem with my back and had to be hospitalized for a few months to correct the unhealthy curvature of my spine. By the time my stay at a hospital was over, so were my dreams of becoming an engineer: the course was too hard for me to be able to catch up after so many months out of the loop, so I fell into a depression and decided I didn’t want to study any more. At all.

Pretty much like the young girl who loses her first love only to decide that she is never going to fall in love again.

But life never throws a challenge at us without giving us a plan B, so as to speak. One can even say that just get busy making plans, then life happens to you and you either learn to zig-zag with the energy currents, learn to become flexible and hear and feel the unexpected possibilities or you sink right down.

Pretty much like a stone that only knows how to be heavy and simply goes right down to the bottom of the pond when dropped.

My mum said to me that since I was such a good scholar, it would be a pity to throw away all my skills and become nothing. My parents started to do the work on my behalf and found that the teaching university was still receiving applications at that late stage. It was a 3-year degree instead of the 6-year degree at the engineering university required, so they suggested it would be an easy ride.

We found out that this university offered a degree in Education and Languages. Languages had always been very easy for me, so I simply applied and after an introductory exam, I got a place.

By the end of the 3 years, I had realised that this was very easy and I could actually do it. Bit by bit my spirits lifted. Before I realised, I was a teacher. Strike one – the universe redirecting me.

Straight away I got a teaching post with the Basque Government. It was just so easy! I thought “there has to be a catch here”. A 23 year old (not very mature) girl, giving parents psychology speeches on something that I really didn’t have direct experience on… I recall the Headmaster commenting on my competence. That memory always stayed with me as somehow it seemed strange that I could know so much about something that I only been briefly exposed theoretically at university, without first-hand experience. It seemed to be in my blueprint: I was a natural.

And I was bored.

I went to the UK to improve on my English speaking and listening skills for a couple of months during that first school summer. I actually went as an au-pair … and ended up getting married and staying for 17 years.

During that time I only wanted to become a manager. I had this idea that teaching was beneath me and that having a power of authority and control was a much cooler option. I sweated blood and tears but I did become a manager, only to burn out after a couple of years and quit my job.

Our dreams are not always what we think they are going to be in reality. Sometimes we get what we wanted, only to realise that it wasn’t what we needed. I am much more realistic these days and much more in touch with my inner needs. I do not waste energy and resources in insurmountable challenges that don’t take me where I need to go.

A position became available in the IT department as a trainer (strike 2 – the Universe getting me back on track into teaching, this time in a different environment, expanding my field of experience). Of course, I got the job.

Then things happened, I got divorced, I met the person who today is my husband of 12 years and as he is from South Africa, we decided that it was time to move from the UK and experience a new energy.

In July 2005 I was in South Africa. Then I had my baby and trained with Toastmasters for 4 years as I attempted to conquer my fear of public speaking because, as Spirit said, it would be the doorway to my future.

When my daughter was 3 and started going to school, I put a few free adverts in the local internet pages of Cape Town and realised that I was consistently and regularly attracting customers as a Spanish teacher, as a life coach and as a public speaking coach. Then, a position came up in the French School in Cape Town and I took a part-time job as a Spanish teacher for the college students (15 to 18-year-olds).

In the process, I was inducted into the French system by a Spanish teacher, French national, who was very well versed in the methodology and systems required in such establishment.

While my teaching was completely natural, unaffected and well-received by the children, adapting to the system was a painful experience, not just because of the complication of the distance system that is run at the school (same curriculum from the French national system all over the world) but because this teacher, in particular, was totally focused on the head: she felt comfortable and powerful in her knowledge and dominance of the methodologies and she felt that while children are children, must be treated like children, and punishment is the number one efficient tool to manage the masses into submission and obedience.

Logical, isn’t it? After all, this was the same system used when I was a child all those dozens of years ago at my school, and I am sure that it was more or less the same system used when my parents were at school, over half a century ago.

My question was: if after reading the Kryon series and currently “The Twelve Layers of DNA”, plus having completed my Metaphysical studies with a PhD dissertation on DNA (“Etheric DNA: The Blueprint for the Healing of the Planet”), and having learnt beyond the shadow of a doubt that today’s children are equipped with a larger proportion of awakened consciousness, translated into claiming more of their potential (they say that the average human uses 8% of his brain capacity, which is the same as saying that we have awakened to 8% of our DNA potential), and if these children are more awakened, more aware, more conscious, more evolved… how could one explain and justify that schools are today more worried about producing results by forcing these children to learn subjects by memory, when there are other more creative methods, such as group study and investigative research (at the click of a mouse with the internet) or what Neale Donald Walsh calls “creative education”? Surely the happiness of these children throughout the whole process of development and discovery called school had to matter!!

When this lady was, within the full extent of her understanding, guiding me towards what she considered a high level of teaching procedure and expertise, I despised every single minute of it. Not that she didn’t have some good tips to contribute, which I duly took on and used in future lessons (and as the Headmaster of the school soon found out to a very good result) but in-between thoughts and explanations, part of her belief system made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

How can I treat an evolved soul like a child (yes granted that they do physically reside in a young body) since their understanding is usually beyond what many adults can even grasp, simply because they haven’t been caged into a system based on patterns of fear and control… at least not yet?

How can I demean and disrespect what I consider to be humanity future teachers into submission, simply because their minds can’t deal with spending uncountable amounts of hours sitting on a small chair, behind a small desk, being cajoled to place their undeniable attention for 6 to 8 hours a day on different subjects, when it is known that half an hour of attention span is more than what can be asked at one given time?

How is the creativity and bigger potential of these youngsters used or claimed or achieved in that set of circumstances?

How are we listening to the direction in which their more advanced DNA blueprint is guiding the earth and humanity if we insist in establishing very strict boundaries based on the mindset that has been acted and reacted upon for centuries, when it is clear that the earth needs and is ready for a new way: that of the heart, of the intuition, of the right brain, of creativity?

A few months passed by and the end of the school year arrived. I had decided to quit – I didn’t belong to the system. The children implored that I stayed but I said that I wasn’t prepared to contribute or be part of a system that created robots. I had spent the last 16 years of my life searching for my freedom and with it I made the transition from the old world to the new, from the world based on if I am lucky someone will give me what I need and rescue me from this lack of lustre life to a world of empowerment, happiness, inner peace and harmony.

A place where I felt that my talents were thriving and my purpose was clear. A place in which I would engage consciously and with choice in all my actions, both at home and professionally. I was feeling that I was contributing to making a better world and it had required that I had broken all the patterns inflicted on my by ancestral requirements and social demands. I was free and wasn’t ready to compromise this beautiful gift.

I needed to know that the children were happy. I needed to know that they had found a passion for learning, just like I had. I needed to know that they were engaged and creative while having fun and expanding. And I certainly couldn’t dissect their heads and focus on putting information in their brains but I wanted to engage their heart and help them become the adults of tomorrow, those who have the answers to the current problems of the earth embedded in their DNA blueprint, when the time was right, when they were ready.

And so the Headmaster called me. I thought she was upset with me because I hadn’t hidden my views from anyone who had asked. And why should I? I don’t work within the established status quo. I fit in while I keep a level of self-determination otherwise, I am not interested.

When the time came to meet, I walked into her office. And just before I could speak, she said to me:

“Do you realise how much you have learnt? Do you realise that this is a very difficult system, yet in a very short period of time you have evolved in a noticeable way? I am very happy with your work and the children love you. Let me tell you Bravo! For your hard effort and the great progress that you have made. Just one question, are you sure you want to leave? One hour, two hours… whatever hours you want to do?”

By then I almost had tears in my eyes. I tried to say “no” in a very determined way, but it was as if something or someone had blocked my throat and the word simply wouldn’t come out! Was I being prisoner of Spirit who was doing their work on my behalf by not letting me make a mistake?

“I simply cannot fit into this system” I said. “I can’t work from the head; I need to work from the heart. And I certainly am not going to be punishing 15 to 18 years old, because they know perfectly well what is right and wrong, what their responsibilities are and what is expected from them. So if they don’t do it, there has to be a reason, and this reason is that they don’t feel respected or even heard. If I am going to teach them, I am going to have to use a different discipline method than that of embarrassing them by making them copying verbs many times or any other sort of demeaning way. They need to engage willingly into the learning, they need to take responsibility and they need to find the motivation to study. Treating these young adults like children is really not the way forward, not for me. It is disrespectful”.

“Please go home and think about it before you hand your resignation”. She said. So I did.

When I went to the classes the following day and told the children that I was staying, there was a rapturous outbreak of happiness. “This is the best news that we have had all day!” they said.

One 18 years old, who was actually quite behind the rest of the group, said out loud: “I have been in this centre for many years and have seen many teachers come and go. You are one of the best teachers that we have had in a long time”.

“Thank you” I said “I don’t know whether I am a good or bad teacher. All I know is that if they want me to stay, I will. But in my terms. And I speak what I think. I have a very big mouth and I am not afraid to use it. If they are ok with this, then I will stay another year and see how it goes”.


A month before then or so Spirit talked to me. They said that it was time to start a school of multi-dimensional learning, a school to teach people to learn, to find their natural gifts and work towards achieving their potential, without worrying about producing results but working with creativity and intuition as the structure of the classes. In other words, a school where there wouldn’t be any externally imposed structure and where people, young and adults alike, would move from lecture to lecture according to their inner promptings.

The facilitators (and not teachers) would be people how not necessarily would have a teaching degree but a natural aptitude to reach to others and help them find the teacher and student inside. People with a vocation and a passion for learning and helping empower others. People who wanted to share the journey of discovery of life with others.

After having channelled the school manifesto I was waiting for more information. Now suddenly Spirit had found a little stronghold for me, right in the middle of the action, right in the middle of a very strict establishment. It was clear that there was a ripe spot for a different kind of teacher into the mainstream structure. I was gobsmacked, surprised and didn’t know whether I wanted to cry or laugh. Do I want to stay? Am I meant to leave?

The truth is that I was going to stay. I had announced it and I was going to stay. Now I felt that I had a bit of breathing space, that there was some method in my madness and that people were prepared to go along with my craziness, as long as I stayed.

The next set of instructions that I received was that the Stargate School of Awakening was not going to be placed in one single place. It was going to be mobile and disguised as a school of personal development or life-skills for the youngsters.

Now I understood.

I was to prepare a course for the facilitators and send them off into all the schools in the area with this message. The set up didn’t require investing in a centre or using resources. The set up was what I always work with: the guerrilla approach. A small team using the already existing resources and energies, fast moving, creating ripples, a small storm inside each centre… then fast retreating to allow the energies to be absorbed, integrated. With the effect created, people would shift and take on a new level of responsibility as they felt their inner gifts stirred and their potential called upon, and they would make choices based on this new level of awareness.

And they would then keep calling and asking for more.

There is thirst in the world. We are bringing clean, pure water to those people who are ready to claim their survival in the new world based on unconditional love, support and compassion and not fear, control and limitation. The heart will win, make no mistake about that.

“Don’t you want to teach the other teachers?” the children asked. “Maybe not,” I said I “but I am certainly going to ask the Headmaster whether I can teach a course in public speaking and personal development here for you, after hours. I think your youngsters need and deserve this new skill so that you can have a choice of who you want to become tomorrow”.

After all, like my friend Lette says: “You are a different kind of teacher because you have been a student for so many years that you no longer have the teacher syndrome where you are always right”.

I am now locked into this focus. I have been given a door and a pathway (strike 3 and final!). I don’t say it will be easy but I do know that this path is going to be worth all the work put into it.

Like Lette says: “These are the indigo children, the parents of the future generations. Only when they can learn what you have to teach they have the possibility of bringing up their children the way you are bringing up your daughter, without limitations or baggage passed on to her, allowing them to make their choices and be free”.

These are the new children and I have been given the opportunity and task to help them transition from the 3rd-dimensional thinking that is currently ravaging the earth to the 5th-dimensional thinking that is the new world that we have heard in all the Mayan and other end-of-the-world prophecies.

Yes, the end of the world as we know it.

I have seen only a little part of the new world and it feels great. Those who know me have also experienced the liberating and exhilarating effects of vibrating at this higher level and they are also hooked. It is unavoidable: when an individual wakes up, there is no turning back.

The question is: Are you going to continue to work on 3D or are you joining forces with the new 5D potential? The choice is obviously yours.

If you have been understanding and reading between the lines what I am talking about here, you will agree that this has to be one of the most exciting moments in the history of humanity. We are about to make a leap towards higher consciousness and these children have the key. If we help them, we are helping ourselves, and our next generations.

When the mass-media general underlying message is saying “there is no future and the earth is doomed” I think “we are definitely living in different dimensions” because I say “there is a bright future for those who choose to be humble and drop fear as a way of living, and if you are lucky enough to be around children, perk up your ears and start listening. You may wake up!”

“White Crane: The Path to Success of a Spiritual Traveller”

“Dr. Norma Milanovich  in “We, The Arcturians” says that reconnecting to your mission or divine plan makes it impossible for fear to direct your life. Very few souls understand this and take the appropriate steps to rediscover their paths on the Earth plane: these are called heroes. Patricia Pereira in “Songs of Malantor” says that spiritually focused individuals are rapidly evolving and must accept their role of sky warriors or eagles of the new dawn to create a magnificent new society by holding the energy of hope in these despairing times. Finally, Ashayana Deane says in “Voyagers II” that compassion raises our vibratory field, which is the key to change destiny.

In the following pages you will find a real-life account of a soul that heard the call and answered it; a soul that understood that there are ancient laws hidden under our current realities which, although different in the surface, show that the cycles of energy behind them keep repeating throughout time. White Crane shows us how to bring forth the message stored deeply in our DNA, in our cellular memory in order to assist the people of the Earth in the process of awakening. This is Spiritual Justice: the time has come for us to take our place”.

Copyright © Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM (2003 – 2019)

All rights reserved. No portion(s) of this book can be copied, used or reproduced for any manner without the expressed written consent of Dr Ana Garcia.

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