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The Heart – A Doorway to Your Potential

Yesterday was my 11th marriage anniversary – it was the 29 / 11 / 2020

2 + 9 = 11

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 22 = 2 x 11

My husband and I have been 22 years together but we got married 11 years ago on the 29 / 11 / 2009

2 + 9 = 11

2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 29 >> 2 + 9 = 11

Our home is number 33 = 3 x 11

I was 44 when I was married = 4 x 11

And I am 55 now = 5 x 11

And the 29th November this year was a full moon, just like in the day I was born.

You may think that numbers are not relevant to our everyday lives, or maybe that they are just interesting in an anecdotal manner, but I know that the Universe runs like a perfect mathematical equation and that nothing happens by chance. So when the numbers are speaking as loud as these are, I pay attention.

I don’t want to miss any important messages.

Two weeks ago I had a kinesiology healing session where the therapist was able to help me shift a block in my heart chakra. I have no idea how long this had been there, but I definitely felt it.

As the block shifted, I felt a heavy energy pass through my heart chakra towards my throat chakra, then 3rd eye… then some strong emotions shifting and finally, a feeling of liberation – like a weight off my shoulders.

And as the healing session was coming to an end and I was in the middle of experiencing the shift at my heart chakra, like someone who stands to defend his or her right, I stood up in my inner eye and told Mother Earth in a very strong voice: “I refuse to work as a front-liner anymore. I refuse the sacrifice and will no longer work as a chimney-sweep of the negative energies across the globe. I have been doing this job for long enough and I demand an upgrade”.

My husband always says that I am “the Sergeant Major – the man who gets the job done”. And I agree with him, in between laughs, because this is my intention: I roll on my sleeves and I get on with the shifting, transmuting, digesting, dissecting, decoding and recoding of energy.

But like everything that happens to us in life, it does with our consent through our previously agreed spiritual contracts.

A week after, my daughter was not feeling well because she was stressed with her end-of-year exams. She was feeling the overwhelming emotions that we face at the important points in life, those times when we are asked to give everything we have to give.

I had wanted her to go to my therapist for a while but she has refused. But what she always does when she feels like this, is to find a moment when I am relaxing; she then comes to snug next to me looking for that feeling of safety that she has always known since she was a baby and asks me to give her Reiki.

Sometimes she receives more energy, sometimes she can’t stop fidgeting and she only receives a little. This time, we were watching the latest Star Wars movie, so it was sure that she was going to keep very still (we love action and science fiction movies) and as I started to give her Reiki, I could not believe what was being channelled through my hands: it felt like a furnace.

She took so much energy for so long that she fell asleep… in the middle of a Star Wars film! Unbelievable.

Now, none of this in itself is remarkable… unless you have felt my Reiki before and after the healing session, before my heart chakra was released.

Although my Reiki has always been quite powerful because of the amount of energy that I generate and because of my daily practice over 20-something years, I had never experienced anything like this. Not just in the amount and power of the energy – I was surprised I didn’t spontaneously combust! But just the fact that she kept taking energy and I was able to hold onto the process.

In the past, I would have felt sick and would have had to stop… In fact, this is why I stopped giving people Reiki.

But this was not the only thing I had noticed since my healing session.

Straight away after the healing session that Saturday 21st of November, I sat down on the sofa in the evening with my family and I found that what my daughter was saying was really funny.

I was hearing myself laugh and felt that the laughter came from a deeper place than ever before. In fact, I could only explain it as if I wasn’t laughing, but something was laughing through me… that the laughter was more real.

Then next thing I felt was stronger, more solid, as if with a deeper stance. Like a stronger anchor, a safer port. Again, it is difficult to explain but I felt more grounded… and again, it all felt real.

In “The Life You Were Born to Live”, by Dan Millman, he helps you work your life purpose by adding the numbers of your birthdate.

I am a 30/3 (now, isn’t that estrange?) 3 x 11, 3 being “expression through sensitivity” and 0 being “inner gifts”.

He says: “Those on the 30/3 life path are here to work through issues of expression and sensitivity, overcoming self-doubt to express themselves and use their inner gifts to encourage, uplift and inspire others”.

“Most people come into life to work on a mixture of issues, but for 30/3’s, their work and destiny are clear and focused. They have the support of inner gifts, which include highly tuned sensitivity, inner strength, expressiveness and intuition. All of these resources complement and support one major life theme: emotional expression”

So going back to the healing session, I said to Mother Earth: “I am tired of going through the horrors of feeling in my body and in my soul all the pain that humans inflict and have inflicted on each other, the many abuses of power. I accepted this job because I didn’t know better and I thought I helped you, but it is overwhelming and it knocks me off after every single full moon so I am not willing to do this anymore”.

As we move up in the vibrational frequencies, we state what we want with a higher level of self-worth.

And so this is what I did.

So after my unilateral cancellation of any previous soul contracts, a couple of days later I started to feel a sense of new strength and efficiency.

I have been wanting to start translating my 18 books (published in Amazon) into Spanish because Spanish people are asking me for them and because the Spanish market is massive.

But something would always happened and I could never get myself to start.

For the last couple of weeks, I have recorded almost all the articles from the first book that I am translating. It is called “Practical Spirituality I” and in Spanish: “Espiritualidad Práctica I”.

As I do the videos, I am translating and publishing the articles also in Spanish and I am copying and pasting them onto the book, so my book is being translated indirectly.

And as the days pass by, I have been getting into the new rhythm. Although it is hard work, I feel that there is movement and momentum: the kind of momentum that you can’t force upon yourself or the Universe but the kind of momentum that drives you forward at an incredible pace when your emotional and spiritual parts work in unison at the right frequencies.

I call it Spiritual Flow.

In the website it says: “the energy of the Full Moon, especially influenced by the current Zodiac transit, is heightened and the emotions, feelings, mental processes, dreams and so on, are all amplified”.

“But on top of that, when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other during the Full Moon” (just like this time)” this causes tension and uncomfortable friction, but at the same time, a greater amplification of vision and potential possibility is available”.

It seems as if I actually decoded this whole timeline within my physical body and shifted through the gateway that this November offered us, with a timely healing session and all my previous preparation that had got me there.

I was able to walk through this doorway and crystallize my next vibrational frequency into a new platform that will assist me with the changes in 2021 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5 >> the number of change, deep analysis and enjoyment of adventures (internal or external).

I don’t know where you are at this time of change, potential and possibility. I would like to think that this story can help you to focus your energies on what is important in life: that which makes us steady, strong inside and with a clear direction of where we are heading.

But in any case and if you are in doubt, any energetic work that you do at heart chakra level will lead you in this same direction. And in my opinion, it is truly worth it.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD

November 2020

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