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The Magical Power of Myna

If you observe nature, you learn precious life lessons. And when you observe the little things of your everyday life with a presence of mind, you can also find gems of understanding that can help you move forward in life with grace and ease.Two days ago, on one lovely sunny winter day, one of those when the blue skies make you want to breathe deeply the crispy morning clean air, I was sitting at my balcony gazing at Table Mountain. While I was watching the city going about its day, suddenly a flock of Mynas flew over my head. Because I live in a very high apartment, it is breath-taking when birds fly by: you feel both the vertigo and the freedom of being suspended so high up in the air yourself. Mynas and I have had a long relationship. It started in 2012 when I had a kinesiology healing session. That healing session dislodged, in the words of the practitioner “a huge tar-like substance from my solar plexus” and it was linked to family events when I was a child. It was at that moment that the practitioner said “I have to stop running energy through you or it will be too much”. So we stopped and at that moment we heard a goose honking 3 times. It seemed to just happen to fly by at the right moment. But knowing the Universe as I do, I knew it was a message and the therapist said: “let’s look at my Goose Totem animal card”.The message that was being delivered was rather huge: “you have slain your inner giant”. That very same week, I remember I was teaching a session of Public Speaking in my office at home. I don’t know what made me get up to look through the window but as I looked down at the neighbour’s tree, I was surprised to see that there were dozens of Mynas on it. It is a rather large tree and it was absolutely packed with them. It was as if to say “you have ignored us long enough but today, you no longer will be able to do so”. At that moment, they shifted from the tree and started to fly in circles higher and higher and then, they moved onto a direct line towards the large window where I was standing (my office has literally windows for walls) and they passed right in front of my face to land on the huge penthouse terrace on the floor above mine. I had to hold my breath because it was such a furious and fast energy! Thank goodness that I had a glass window in between them and I because I really felt that they were going to smack me right on my face!Mynas are linked to languages and communications (as you know, my business is called Stargate Communications – Communications and Languages) and I am a polyglot. What I love about languages, including the language of spiritual or vibrational energy, is to decode and recode units into meaningful strings or sentences. That is the translator in me.The guide or teacher in me is called to then teach it to others so that others can make sense of whatever universal currents are taking place at a given time. I call it “Practical Spirituality” (and I wrote two books about it with successive levels of difficulty – you can find them in Amazon in the links below: “Practical Spirituality I (Finding Spirit in Everyday Life)” Ebook: 9781726736718 (Imprint: Independently published) “Practical Spirituality II (Learning to Succeed Through Spirit)” Ebook: 9781726734653 (Imprint: Independently published) The second lesson that Myna teaches us is that you need to always learn something new and continue to improve or develop yourself as life is an ongoing learning path. The main Universal principle is that everything is always in perpetual motion and that change is unavoidable, so when we establish ourselves in a comfort zone thinking that it is safe, we simply delude ourselves: that place is the beginning of dying – it is not a happy medium, not a place of harmony, not a permanent happy place like we’d like to think.When we settle for what we already have and stop growing, not only we stop expanding but we start imploding. I am not talking about the times in life when we reach a plateau so that we can integrate previous lessons or experiences. These are necessary spaces, like the holidays at school, so that the information settles and steps down into the corresponding receptive centres or chakras. Then comes a release of previous patterns, the mourning or sadness that accompanies letting go, the stage of uncertainty about what to do next and finally, the breakthrough of the chrysalis as we develop wider wings to fly a little higher. This is the cyclic process of growth and we need these times to stop and take account of what has taken place so that we can integrate the previous growth before we move onto the next.I should know for I have a very strong “Eternal Student” archetype; it used to keep me locked in the pattern of “I am not good enough”, but now I was reminded that the shift I had just experienced was marvellous, however it was nevertheless one more step in my path towards empowerment. So this day, as I was watching the flock of Mynas from my balcony flying in perfect synchrony, I could feel the ease and flow, the effortless beauty and simplicity of their flight, an ability that is in their DNA and doesn’t require thousands of hours of training – it simply is elegant and breath-taking… remarkable to watch. At that point, my heart skipped a beat – my whole being had a vertigo-like shifting feeling. I remembered that throughout the years that I have been teaching at the school where I work part-time, Mynas would regularly fly over my car in different specific patterns to convey specific meanings: as I would drive to school in the morning, invariably I would notice one or two or a group of Mynas. Sometimes they would fly left to right (from physical to emotional) or vice versa (from right to left means that something is going to manifest physically).And then, something would take place at the school to follow up the warning or the message: I would have a tug of war with a difficult student, I would have a successful day, I would make a breakthrough… So I started to look at the Mynas flying above my car, usually while driving towards Camps Bay or on the long road towards Hout Bay, and started to get ready in the mornings for the events of the day at the school. I definitely considered myself warned, guided and protected.Those were “single-messages”. But these not so regular “flock or group messages” seemed to take place at moments in my life when I underwent a huge conscious shift, an energetic transformation, a healing or a release. I used to work a lot with Crows and Magpies while I lived in England. Then I moved on to Raven as I did more Shadow work (bringing parts of your hidden limiting patterns into consciousness). Sometimes I would work with Grackle, but not that much, and now in South Africa, still with the corvid family, it is Myna the bird which seems to talk to me more often. In fact, as I am writing this piece, a Myna just arrives and parks at the edge of my very high-up window chirping non-stop in their distinctive loud voice, and my 13-year old daughter says “wow, this bird has a lot to say!”. And I stay quiet and smile… Because I know that all these black birds are “messengers of the void” bringing communications from Spirit.As the birds settled and disappeared from my sight, I changed my focus and reminisced how different my life had been from these birds effortless and elegant flying patterns as one of my most entrenched and gripping childhood patterns has always been “to work hard for everything I have achieved”. No matter how much or how long it had to take, I had to work hard to get it. There were no excuses for me – even at college and at university when all the other students went out to have fun at the weekends, I was always studying at home in order to get good grades. I gave myself no permission to release the grip. It took me blood, sweat and tears to get here.So my question was: if I had enough faith in the perfection of the Universe, if I knew that we all have a role to play, that we are meant to enjoy the journey as we learn, share our gifts with others as well as receive others’ gifts… why couldn’t I fly elegantly, effortlessly and magnificently like that flock of birds?That day, I was searching in the internet and saw a Rapid Transformation Therapy free video from Marisa Peer so I sat down for 20 minutes and did her meditation. The voice sent me back to when I was 11 years old. I was in a nuns school (Colegio de las Hermanas del Amor Misericordioso de Sestao) and I failed my first every history test with 45%. My father didn’t take this well and I was punished to do homework for a week after school without going out to play, as we used to do all those years ago.The point of this article is not an exercise to blame my father – this Spanish generation that went through the Spanish bloody and cruel civil war and post-war with the dictator Franco didn’t know any better; they educated their children in the only way they knew how: hard work focused on survival.So at the end of the video Marisa’s voice asks you to come back to reality and say something out loud. I broke into tears, sobbing so hard that my chest was shaking, which is what happens to me when I release a deeply entrenched block or energy pattern. And my sentence was “I won’t do it because I don’t want to!”It felt as if something shifted: the release of the pattern of struggle and hard-work that says that you have to suffer to achieve anything in your life.(At that point, I drew this picture in my diary: I felt that I had been climbing up a dark well, all by myself, holding so tight to the walls so as not to fall… but now the well was becoming lighter and I was almost at the top, free).(Picture attached) It has been a couple of weeks and I feel like a child on a see-saw, gliding in the air, with a feeling of light fun inside the stomach, taking off as going up just to fall off the sit on the way down, laughing as you reposition yourself for the next jump up. Glorious!I feel as if I glide and float through my days. There is no struggle, only a great and intense feeling of joy and gratitude. I don’t need to push myself anymore and “I don’t want to” either: for the first time in my life I have given myself permission to just allow my intuition to guide me to my next activity in my day. I focus on the moment-to-moment to savour everything that comes to me: feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts. I receive them and welcome them, I squeeze them to get the fullest joy and contentment that is available to me at that moment and I refuse to push myself to do things for the sake of achieving something. I allow myself to stay in the moment to expand inside it. My long lists of things to do are now shorter and more defined. There are no longer tasks to accomplish but general ideas to expand on. I wake up and I am flooded with ideas for articles and books. As I enjoy that abundance and flow, I visualise myself telling people stories of magic. I feel and almost touch the energy in the room where strangers sit with me, no longer being strangers, their hearts shifting into the hope of new possibilities for themselves, building a net or a web of people coming together to create something bigger than each one of us.When the tasks are too large, I write them in the “Universe List” – the list where I delegate everything I am not prepared to do myself because it is either too much hard work or I simply don’t have the professional ability to do; then I ask the Universe to bring me the help that is ready for me at this stage in my life. Then I move onto something else and I wait for the whispers of my soul to tell me where to focus next. I can’t describe the feeling of graceful ease and elegant effortlessness that I feel at that moment. Bob Proctor says in his Freedom series: “People have a great deal of trouble letting go of their suffering”…I always wondered what he meant but now, I know.By Dr Ana Garcia PhDAugust 2020Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation”(To be published in September 2020):“We are living in a complex, some would say difficult times. Part of the difficulty of these times is that humans don’t surrender to clarity and vision. This is because this requires that we release control.We understand control as our only way to survive when we feel fear: we hold tight to what we have or where we are in an attempt to diminish our anxiety, but this road doesn’t take us very far.We know that change is necessary in every cycle in our lives, both big and small, but our tendency is to act chaotically when we feel lack of control. This translates into feelings of anxiety, lethargy, depression, fear, frustration, anger… And even though these are natural e-motions (energy-in-motion) they do require to be channelled or re-directed in order for us to create positive outcomes.“Tales of a Modern Alchemist” is a book born from the isolation of the Covid-19 virus lock-down. With these real and magical life stories, I show the way that we can transmute all these fears into real-life positive actions in order to help us expand our view of the world and liberate our own-made prisons, once and for all” DR. ANA’S BIO:Dr. Ana PhD (Metaphysics) is an author in the fields of Integration of Consciousness and Human Potential. A Communications Specialist with a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster in Communication and Leadership) and she holds a Masters’ in Education and Languages from her native town Bilbao (Spain).Dr. Ana is a Polyglot with qualifications in 4 languages (Spanish, English, Basque and French), currently studying Germand and Korean. Dr Ana was an external examiner assessor for quality assurance with the School of Languages and Literature at UCT (University of Cape Town) and the Director of Teaching and Learning for The Academy Hout Bay, as well as the Architect and Head Tutor for Modern Foreign Languages for the French and Spanish On-Line Cambridge GCSE and AS curriculums.Dr. Ana is a Consciousness Coach (CTP graduated Life and Business coach with Coach-U) and a Reiki Master. Today, Dr Ana has established her Languages and Communication consultancy Stargate Communications with the objective to empower her clients to succeed in The Art of Effective Communication. Copyright © Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM (2020)All rights reserved. No portion(s) of this book can be copied, used or reproduced for any manner without the expressed written consent of Dr Ana Garcia.

If you are a “Modern Alchemist”, claim one of the 50 free Ebooks and write a review: How did the book help you redirect the vision of your life?

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