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The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Your Metabolic Type

Your Metabolic Type

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At the time of starting this book (2010) my metabolic rate was of 54 EM (Metabolic Energy, in Spanish Energía Metabólica). I was on holidays in Spain and I thought that I would use my free time in order to push my newly awakened interest in nutrition to the next level.

The potential of 85 EM for a person of 45 years old (me at the time) was at 64% speed and somehow I had lost 37% of my energetic potential. I am not sure how I did that and I had certainly worked really hard to gather more of my energy over the last 16 years by reading spiritual books, practising Reiki and other healing modalities, going to different therapies and attending workshops. The thought that came to my mind was that, if after all the work that I had done I was still lagging behind, maybe I would have been dead by now or at least been very sick if I hadn’t done the energy work that I had been doing for so long.

But it was when Spirit said to me: “You need to shift the energy of your body because it is holding you back” that I had a shocking realization: I knew that I couldn’t continue to grow only spiritually, that I couldn’t dissect my energetic anatomy and leave my body behind while I was resolving my emotions. The mind-body-spirit balance must be maintained at all times or you risk getting seriously sick. So I decided to investigate different angles in order to claim my energetic potential. And that was the beginning of my Liberation Diet project.

I was obviously very upset, although not surprised, but I was determined to do something about it and regain some of my lost energy so that I could grow old gracefully and not shrink and shrivel like a prune… not so early!

As I continued my research, I found out a super internet site by Elizabeth Dane PhD, ( in which I was finally able to add some light to this at the time obscure concept. I found out that I was a Mixed Accelerator Meta-Type (metabolic type) which means that I am a semi-fast metabolizer and a moderately slow oxidizer.

Phew! Big words for someone who had never been interested in food, couldn’t care less about what I ate and didn’t even cook!

A semi-fast metabolizer means that your system breaks down food somewhat quickly and a moderately slow oxidizer means that your body burns off energy somewhat slowly.

My PhD was also weak acid at a 6.2, a midpoint. Not too bad here.

I continued to read through these websites and I found out that the Mixed Accelerator type like me are called “The Visionaries of This World” and described as “of average appetite, with a craving for sweets, with relatively little trouble with weight control and tend towards fatigue, anxiety and nervousness”. That really summoned me up.

Then I found out that my metabolic type is people who “easily blend emotions and intellect, are energetic in sprouts and need to rest, intuitive mixed with rationality, spiritual yet grounded and very focused, yet anxious. They clearly analyse complex information or unusual problems” (I think that Metaphysical work could be included here) “they are the achievers, ageless, driven and energetic, compassionate, strong-willed and maternal or nurturing”.

Yes, me again.

It turns out that I don’t do long-term endurance, which I already knew because when I used to run at college, I used to finish last in every race. I tire easily and have short bursts of energy, needing a 3 x time a day meal to stabilize my energy in a smooth and constant flow. But actually, I have learnt to eat like a squirrel: a small meal about 5 x times a day because I am always hungry but can’t really eat large amounts of food in one sitting, so I keep my energy levels high on a regular basis by snacking throughout the day.

My downtime is the afternoon when my “adrenals and day-time sympathetic nervous system shuts down” (the fight or flight response). This means that I require considerable sleep (I go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 6’30 to 7 am!) so that my “regenerative parasympathetic nervous system (which helps you conserve energy) can regenerate as my thyroid gland becomes slow”.

Did you ever realize everything in the body is so interconnected? What an eye-opener!

Finally, I learned that “the Stress Response in my life is that I need perfection and persistence at reaching sizeable goals, but I react to stress with anxiety”.

Now, because the thyroid gland is the master gland of metabolism and energy and the pituitary gland is the master gland of the whole endocrine system, it is clear that when they are out of synch, your energy system is also out of synch.

It seems that the thyroid gland of my type works 24 hours a day: during the day, it supplies me with energy and during the night time, its energy repairs and regenerates my body. No wonder I was always exhausted!

Any imbalances in our thyroid gland can trigger huge food cravings (bingo!) and, depending on the power of your other glands, can have a great influence over your weight.

An overactive thyroid gland will raise insulin because of over-activity in the adrenal glands. On the other hand, a hypo-active (underactive) thyroid gland will create pilling on excess weight in the stomach, hips and thighs.

Check out the majority of the people around us you will notice that this is indeed accurate, and at what percentage? Very high indeed!

One thing that the thyroid gland responds to is doing exercise so that it can work steadily. But in the case of my metabolic type, when my thyroid gland is out of balance because my pituitary gland isn’t so effective, then I also get irregularities with hormones and hence, weight problems and/or sluggishness. What a cocktail!

Continuing with my research, my metabolic type can handle some faster-burning carbohydrates (milk products, fruits or sugar) and protein in fish and fowl, and occasionally meat (which I don’t eat too often because I feel as if I had a stone in my stomach that doesn’t want to break down!), so I require a good omnivore food plan, leaning towards the semi-vegetarian side (I always say that although I am not a vegetarian, I eat like a vegetarian!). This was an uncanny description of me.

All this was true because this is how I had learnt what to eat. Not because these sites were saying so but because this is where my body had been guiding me to go over the last few years as I had focused on taking control of my diet.

The balance found in my metabolic type comes when I stop going into hyper-drive. This had happened to me a couple of times before: I had been putting pressure on myself because of work and I had literally burnt out, then it had taken me a good couple of years to put my system together. The site calls this “being driven by intensity and intellect” and it is true. This would lead me to sugar cravings, which can lead me to pituitary dysfunction.

To recover my system from the stress, it seems that I must release anxiety so that the addictive behaviours subside before my adrenal glands (my dominant glands) are thoroughly exhausted as apparently “my body will retain the nutrients that stimulate or excite my system, while it loses the nutrients that calm and relax”. It seems that my body spins out of control as soon as I am stressed!

Although I am sure that in some measure this happens to us all. The results of all this was water-retention (which I have had for many years), low endurance (I will tick this one as well), weight-increase (which was out of control when I was pregnant as I put on 20 kilos after eating croissants and lots of carbohydrates every day during the pregnancy), chronic inflammation and allergies (which I have had all my life), etc.

The answer to this imbalance lies in my intuitive and creative power: when I got divorced, after the initial shock to my system and my 4-month semi-depression, I swore to myself that “from then on I would take on my power”, which started me in the spiritual path. Intensely going inside myself to heal what was desperately broken, I found liberation and release, which over a period of now 20 years put me on the path of becoming healthier and happier than I have ever been. I feel younger than in my 20’s and 30’s, my body feels fitter, my skin is still clean and supple, my mind is agile and opportunities seem to be sprouting from nowhere. I have definitely turned my life around 360º, several times over and this has triggered enormous creativity. Or was it the other way around?

It was the meditation, visualization, journal writing, creative work such as drawing, dancing, book and article writing, knitting, crochet, dream interpretation (my direct language with my unconscious) as well as routines such as walking by the sea.

I find that in 15 minutes walking by the sea, my energy gets re-energized via my sole chakras by the electro-magnetic effect of the sea salt and negative ions released by the breaking waves, and I feel instantly renewed. But taking time to nurture myself, paying attention to my beauty regime and having started an exercise routine including yoga, Pilates and dancing (which I love), has helped me see the world in a much more positive way.

One of the main tools that I have used to reconnect with my creativity, my personal power and my inner child has been The Archetypes from “Sacred Contracts” (by Carolynn Myss PhD). For many years now I have been working with mine and I revisit them on a regular basis as I always find yet another layer of self-awareness ready to be integrated. This work has been completely decisive in my personal development.

One of the pieces of advice for recovery for people of my metabolic type is “to get in touch with our biggest power: the Intuition”. This is why we are advised to meditate, visualize, journal-write, invest time in dream interpretation and energy-balancing exercises as Tai Chi or Yoga. And to take time to nurture ourselves, etc. Why? Because these are ways to access our subconscious and the messages that the Universe has stored for us so that we can align ourselves with our life missions and be able to negotiate our unresolved karma more successfully.

One could summarise my whole life in the above paragraph.

The creativity alluded above has been matured and the gifts that were being dormant for so many years have now been released as I focused on one main archetype that has been completely central to this stage of my life: House number 3, which is the house of Self-expression and Siblings. In this house, you are supposed to “discover your voice among others”.

I maintain that every person has at least one gift (you can read Ebook “The Hidden Gift (Developing Your Full Potential)”. Link:

This one special quality or skill that we are given by God (or the Source) I am certain that is karmically learnt or acquired and it is in multi-dimensional dormant suspension stored in our DNA until the time is right (e.g. Universal timing) and that is why (I believe) so many times illnesses, or a car crash, or being made redundant from a job, or a relationship break up, etc, become very poignant life lessons that bring up this blueprint into the open, as if coming from nowhere, shocking our system into the deepest levels and making us take life-turning decisions: our karmic imprint has come into play.

Throughout my life, I could never hear myself talk, let alone make others hear me! It was an impossible task: I would speak, nobody would hear me, or listen, or answer back… It was as if I didn’t exist. Not today: after all the years of personal healing work, I only have to open my mouth and people get quiet on the spot, turn their heads to listen and ask me what did I just say if they miss one little thing. It is about personal power and integration of your scattered energies. My hidden gift of communication has now been released.

This house also has to do with “how we direct our energy into the world, to become aware and conscious of our own power and learn to direct it responsibly, explore your honour and integrity (e.g. the real reasons why you do things) and become strong enough to seek the truth rather than to run away from it” because “lack of inner strength makes you unable to protect your personal boundaries”.

The Energy Vulnerability (illnesses when out of balance) of this archetype in this house are:

  1. Solar plexus (I used to have an ulcer in my duodenum) which is linked to the liver (I had hepatitis when I was 14 years old and I can’t break down alcohol; this is genetically inherited from my father’s family line).

  2. Intestines become bloated and/or constipation (I have suffered from this all my life but at least now I have started to eat more fibre, which helps).

  3. The throat (all my childhood and youth I suffered from chronic laryngitis so I would lose my voice whenever I tried to talk loud or sing). An under-active thyroid and chronic sinus (I have always felt that I have an energy leak in this chakra, and still have even though I have undergone years of healing and vaccinations for many allergies).

Looking further into the potential illnesses of the 3rd house, they are all symbolic of “how we represent ourselves through communication, honour and integrity, which are related to our sense of self-esteem and personal power. When you are unable to protect your personal boundaries, you are vulnerable to solar plexus illnesses and stress disorders may develop”.

Today, I have made the centre of my existence to be brutally honest to myself through tough love, so that I can walk with dignity and in integrity. I have set up really high standards for myself, not because the world demands them, but because below this level of self-truth I feel as if I break into pieces.

I have to be very careful and very clear about what I do and why I do it (e.g. what are the real reasons why I do things). My life started to change when I decided that money would not be an important reason why I do or don’t do anything: my inner guidance and my passion, my joy and my alignment to my life mission needed to become the main focus.

When I feel the fear, I feel it and I keep going anyway, just like Susan Jeffers advised.

Article from my book: “The Liberation Diet: A System for Rejuvenation, Body Reshaping & Re-energizing”

Copyright © Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM (2019)

All rights reserved. No portion(s) of this book can be copied, used or reproduced for any manner without the expressed written consent of Dr Ana Garcia.

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