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The Word "Respons-ability"

I am beginning to meditate on the word responsibility ... and I think it's a trap; in fact, I am thinking that sometimes it is a burden that we carry, not a virtue.

It takes away the opportunity to do things energetically lighter (with a higher vibration) and enslaves us to a chain. We inherited this form of thinking from previous generations that believed that "you must work hard to progress in life".

The universe is not interested in how much we can bear but in how much we can expand.

The question is to be in a frequency where you can enjoy what you do.

We believe that the more we strive, the more value we have when in reality, the path of happiness is to receive from the doors that open spontaneously, not from those we have opened with sweat and tears. And these doors exist only when we are fully present in the moment - that's why they are gifts.

We are now moving into the time of the power of the mind - not a time of strife or struggle. If we can visualize it or feel it, then we can attract it.

Working hard at making things happen, instead of being in the receiving end of the Law of Attraction, seems somehow counterproductive.

I think we are looking at life with small eyes.

Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"



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