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Totem Reading for May 2022

Welcome to your total messages reading for the month of May.

In this reading, we are going to capture the universal energies through the language of the animals. We are going to see where the energies are coming from and where they are guiding us to.

The animals give us the strategies to negotiate, survive and get the maximum benefit from the energy.

Our first animal on the east is the Hawk. Hawk is the adventurer of the animal kingdom.

The new beginning is stating that we need to focus on adventure: investigate, expand, open up our mind, learn something new… Fly with the rafts of the air that are available; do not spend too much of your own energy, use the resources already available.

Discard the heavy emotions that you don't need and are keeping your grounded. Refused to get tangled up with other people's drama, unresolved issues.

Choose to move forward with speed and with the mindset of adventure, breaking through. opening up, flying high.

Before this point in this new beginning, some people have been able to benefit and capitalize the existing energy. These are the people who are choosing to move forward with a light heart, regardless of the amount of strife we see today in the world.

We have to realize that the way we think is our choice. We will not be able to survive the current energies if we do not choose joy, focus on our potential. Anything else is too heavy.

Ego based energies will stay behind in a phantom earth, looking like reality but not really being so. This new ability of focusing on adventure, on expansion, on learning new things, not attaching ourselves to other people's negativity or drama, will give us an ability to hold on during these very fast energies.

We won’t be able to hold on if we're not fully rooted in the present time. The result is Ladybird.

This Ladybird came upside down. Ladybird means wishes fulfilled, dreams accomplished. The card came upside down. It's because we create our luck. we manifest our reality.

But if we are not choosing joy, which is Hummingbird or Hawk, which is adventure and expansion, then it is not possible for us to manifest or higher dreams. And the reason is because we can't think heavy energy, we can't entertain heavy thoughts and manifest our highest potential. Obviously, it is incompatible.

We've come from my point that we had to wait, be patient for a very long period of time: the steadiness of the Praying Mantis, waiting for the opportunity to appear.

Those who have not been able to stay put, those who have not been able to use the period of isolation as a grounding time, to recreate ourselves, like a gestation period to review our life and make new choice, are not going to be able to stand out in the real world with a proper personality.

And if we can't project the real person that we are because we are vibrating in fear, Ladybird beard comes up in the emotional house. Our emotions are going to be blurry and we are not going to be able to project or highest potential.

So now we are going to move into the material world and we get Badger.

Badger is very strong. Its advice at this moment is to stay put. Badger knows herbs so it tells us to consume mother earth natural foods: herbs, teas, fruits and vegetables. To be in tune with the vibration of the earth.