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Transition Times

Transition Times

There are special times in life when we go through changes which are more drastic, intense or unsettling than usual. It feels that for every cycle of growth I undergo, when the cycle comes to an end, I feel a total withdrawal of energy, a sense of exhaustion, a void.

This is the time when something is changing so deeply within my cellular structure or within the inner dimensions of my existence that externally it feels as:

  1. Physical exhaustion, even when I don’t do much activity. In fact, I normally find myself lying down not being able to move my body, even my limbs. My energies are engaged at a deeper level and I must wait for the restructuring of my spiritual matrix to be done before I can feel the return or tide of energy coming back into my physical life.

  2. My work and social life are at an ebb: clients leave or cancel their appointments, no new job offers are received, there is no movement in terms of engaging in groups, meeting friends or gathering with others, etc. It is as if my energy is flat at all levels. It is at these times when my dreams are hectic.

  3. My Spiritual vision is blurred: I hear or see no signs from Spirit the vast majority of the time. They just don’t seem to be there. I can describe the feeling of being abandoned, which I know it is not true, so I hang on until the signs return and somehow the ground under my feet becomes more solid (the return of normality, if there is such a thing!).

The one general basic feeling common in these situations is that I feel powerless to make things happen. I experience events as nothing happening my way. And although this can be very disheartening and unsettling, I have learnt to cooperate with these ebbs of energy by not expecting things to happen, by not struggling, by not forcing doors to open which are meant to be closed.

I have learnt that when the signs of tide start coming back, I will be shifted to a new level of existence with more clarity and harmony, new people (friends and business colleagues), new spiritual gifts (awareness, sensitivity, consciousness) and more marketing tools (Spirit will guide me to a specific website or publisher or organisation).

After a long time of trial and error, I have finally learnt to cooperate with the ebb cycles of my life in a way that honours me: I work on getting ready for the next tide (e.g. studying new subjects, clearing the past, doing energy healing, completing unfinished tasks…). I do feel a loss of control and uncertainty but I can also foresee the excitement of knowing that I will be launched to a new level of personal success, which I myself could have not orchestrated without Spirit’s larger overview of all the possibilities and potentials waiting to be fulfilled in my future.

When the tide of energy returns, my world shifts to a new reality. New opportunities open up, I have a feeling of Spring in my soul…

Spirit normally celebrates every shift or new level of growth that I achieve. The feeling is light; clarity arrives and there is definitely healing in the air – my whole life indeed shifting to a new level of energy, love and harmony.

I call this the recalibration or rebalancing of energy, the creation of a new platform where to start a new phase, a new stage in life… and I feel that the process is worth doing. The cleansing stage may be painful if we attach ourselves to it but the final result is liberation and a release of resistance.

Extract from my book: “White Crane: The Path to Success of a Spiritual Traveller”

“Dr. Norma Milanovich  in “We, The Arcturians” says that reconnecting to your mission or divine plan makes it impossible for fear to direct your life. Very few souls understand this and take the appropriate steps to rediscover their paths on the Earth plane: these are called heroes. Patricia Pereira in “Songs of Malantor” says that spiritually focused individuals are rapidly evolving and must accept their role of sky warriors or eagles of the new dawn to create a magnificent new society by holding the energy of hope in these despairing times. Finally, Ashayana Deane says in “Voyagers II” that compassion raises our vibratory field, which is the key to change destiny.

In the following pages you will find a real-life account of a soul that heard the call and answered it; a soul that understood that there are ancient laws hidden under our current realities which, although different in the surface, show that the cycles of energy behind them keep repeating throughout time. White Crane shows us how to bring forth the message stored deeply in our DNA, in our cellular memory in order to assist the people of the Earth in the process of awakening. This is Spiritual Justice: the time has come for us to take our place”.

Copyright © Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM (2003 – 2020)

All rights reserved. No portion(s) of this book can be copied, used or reproduced for any manner without the expressed written consent of Dr Ana Garcia.

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