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Udemy Course for Alchemists

SPIRITUALITY COURSE FOR MODERN ALCHEMISTS spirituality-course-for-modern-alchemists

Real stories from Dr Ana’s life, written from a spiritual perspective and extracted from her books published on Amazon on the topics of metaphysics, spirituality, vibrational healing, energy, emotional intelligence, self-help, personal development, alchemy and strategies for success.

REQUIREMENTS: What will your Students learn in the course? Spirituality Metaphysics Vibrational Healing Emotional Intelligence Personal Development Energy Self-Help Alchemy Strategies for Success

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? You do not need to have any knowledge of the topics in this course I explain these topics in detail and with real-life examples

Who are your target students? People who want to learn the concepts of spirituality in a practical, demonstrable and proven way People who need strategies for success organically and according to universal natural laws People who want to understand the principles behind the Law of Attraction

1. An Alchemist Destiny

In this lecture, I talk about the transition I underwent during 2020, the time of silence that has been the isolation and confinement imposed by the pandemic. I noticed a pronounced separation in people who chose to focus on problems and those who decided to find solutions or make positive changes in their lives. Not wanting to get stuck in negativity, I searched for and found a new rhythm in which I do not focus on what I lack but use my natural abilities to open a new path guided by my intuition.

Learning Objectives: Understand that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes difficult situations are actually opportunities

2. In These Times of Silence

In this lecture, I introduce the book “Tales of a Modern Alchemist” to you and I describe how by embracing the year 2020, since this pandemic started, I was able to go within and recreate my whole offering, re-decide who I wanted to be professionally and rebalance my passion with my working life. The result was a YouTube and Instagram accounts for my metaphysical and spiritual work “Life Discussions with Dr. Ana” and “Polyglot Buzz” for my languages work. The difference is that I am producing the programs, videos, inspirational posts, and inspirational videos the way I am guided rather than the way someone else might demand, were I an employee. So, in this way, I feel that I have closed the loop and gone back to my childhood when what I loved doing was coloring, patterns, rhythms, music, dance… this time through the technology that is available on the internet.

Learning Objectives: Understand that silence is necessary to find yourself and to be able to follow your destiny or right direction in life

3. 10 Tips to Master Destiny

In this lecture, I give you 10 tips to help you flow with the daily energies and live your destiny in a way in which you do not have to make an extreme effort to get things. We need to learn to perceive, zigzag the energy currents and align ourselves with our destiny in an organic way.

We can live expressing whom we are, projecting our natural gifts and experiencing the joy of knowing that every day is important, that we can make a difference in the world with our work and our presence and that the future is being built on a daily basis – there is no quantum leap that will bring us to a miraculous end but enjoying each moment is the secret of a full life.

Learning Objectives: Understand how the currents of energy in life can be navigated to proactively and efficiently work towards the future

4. Sound, Languages and Polyglot Buzz

In this lecture, I talk about how sounds, languages, frequencies, oscillation, melody, rhythm… have similarities. We are becoming “barometers” of information, of energy, and we are starting to receive information from the Universe in an intuitive and inspired manner. So, in this story, I describe how I mapped, structured, and came into creating my YouTube channel called “Polyglot Buzz” during a time (Spring 2020) when we became locked physically but still, the Totems, the Whispers, the energies… are still alive and pulsating. It just takes us to tune the dial into the right frequency in order to hear it and follow the guidance.

Learning Objectives: Understand that words are much more than sound but that they have content and they also transmit energy

5. The Side Alleys of Life

In this lecture, I talk about how we generally mold our minds based on our childhood experiences. It is like a program that we follow until one day we realize that the experiences of others have nothing to do with ours: our rhythms are different and our evolution as well. It is as if each of us had a car with different engines of different powers. Some take a long time to start and some don’t. Some go faster and others slower. But if we learn to stop looking at the make, speed, and destination of other cars, we understand that there are many roads to walk in our lives, be it the main street or the side alleys. In the end, they all lead us to the same place where we were going to arrive.

Learning Objectives: Understand that life is not always about taking big leaps but that sometimes we have to temper our fears by walking alongside by smaller alleys, parallel to what society considers “the right way” – until we feel ready

6. The Magical Power of Myna

In this lecture, I talk about totems and their meaning in our lives. We need to pay attention to them because they are weaving our reality with us: at the same time as we are experiencing the manifestations that we have created, they guide us and tell us whether we are going in the right direction… if we pay attention, of course. We are connected to Mother Earth and she talks to us in an unmistakable language. On this occasion, dozens of Mynas came up to my window as I was teaching a Public Speaking course and the glass stopped them from actually hitting me directly. They perched above my roof and left a whirl of energy tingling and vibrating… which of course, didn’t go unnoticed! Mynas are all about communication and even today, years later, they still come to my window or balcony or door to talk to me… wherever I am!

Learning Objectives: Understand the Totems and how nature speaks to us in order to guide us, preparing our mindset to receive Earth’s messages

7. Hummingbird and the Path to Joy

In this lecture, I talk about the lockdown time, the emotional processes that we may have undergone: frustration and depression or sometimes joy. How I found motivation or purpose in all this… and the efforts that I made to be able to stay emotionally afloat and continue to build my free online library, my YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts, to recreate myself, renew myself, re-build my offer, and my vision for the next stretch of my journey…

And as in the end, the North of my compass had to be joy, and nothing else could replace this feeling on a permanent basis – because when you get used to believing in yourself and believing in the universe, magic and joy are the base emotions and no other emotion are tolerable. The secret is that when we lose ourselves, we must learn to know how to reconnect.

Learning Objectives: Understand that happiness is not given to us by things but by achieving a feeling of inner peace and balance

8. Preparing the Playground for Your Future

In this lecture, I talk about the fact that the work we do has to have a creative and investigative element, adventure, and learning. The status, position, or money we realize that in the end, it is never enough. What we really want is to be able to express ourselves on our own terms, learning the “real” life lessons – not the chimera or stories that others wrought for us in our unconscious patterns. We must advance following what the heart indicates, otherwise, the price we pay is excessively high in terms of self-esteem, the disintegration of our relationships, health … The way forward should not be fighting against the resistance of falsehood but by observing our emotions in order to define our dreams and prepare the playing field of our future without forcing, but rather motivating ourselves.

Learning Objectives: Understand that the future does not appear suddenly but that we have to build it little by little, and in the process release the layers that limit us so that we can open ourselves to creativity

9. Uranus in Our Sun: The Solar Revolution and Change of Strategy

In this story I talk about the extreme evolution and transition that I underwent in 2020 during the lockdown – it was an opportunity to go inside and turn my set of values inside out. I underwent two attunements – Blue Whale Lemurian attunements are part of the Initiation Healing Empowerment System of New Earth Energies and “they assist you in clearing your energy fields and emotional body to awaken your cellular memory”. It felt as if all my skills were consolidating as I applied focus and concentration over a long period of time and I felt great peace inside to think that I had already made the internal transition to ready myself before the storm hit us, so I used this time as a Bear in a cave, creating the specifics of what I wanted the next stage in my life to look like. I also have the Healer Archetype in my 7th House or Relationships, so I need to put my skills as a specialist to help or serve others to integrate their consciousness.

The process of energetic calibration is that of a channel so as to speak You can see how a personality starts shaping with the Totems, Archetypes, Planets, past-lives gifts, attunements, energy work, healing sessions, and current life contracts. Destiny becomes thus very strong and when you wake up to your call, you and I and anyone who is switched on become unstoppable. And although it is a lifetime journey, we can all get there if we decide that it is worthwhile working towards it.

Learning Objectives: Understand that a lot of energy work can be done to help us evolve deeper and faster but we must proceed carefully and link the different layers of our psyche

10. Completing the Cycle

We live in complex times, some would say difficult. Part of its difficulty is that humans do not give up in order to achieve clarity and vision which requires us to release control – but control is the weapon we use when we are afraid and focus on survival: we hold on to what we have or where we are. in an attempt to lessen our anxiety. We know that change is necessary for all the cycles of our life but our tendency is to act in a chaotic way when we feel a lack of control. This translates into feelings of anxiety, lethargy, depression, fear, frustration, anger … And although they are also natural emotions, they must be channelled or redirected in order to create positive results. For me, many answers were consolidated after many years of working with totems, archetypes, energy, and healing … with the Whale totem: the scribe and record keeper who lives in our DNA in the form of original patterns.

Learning Objectives: Understand that we have within us all the information we need, and that by learning to tap into it, we can redirect our future

11. Do What You Love

In this lecture, I talk about the fact that we are so accustomed to doing things because we have to. I bet you that if you look at the moments when you feel unhappy, in 99% of them there is a single common reason: because you are doing something that you don’t really want to do. But if we don’t give to ourselves from the pool of life that we were individually granted and we spend all our energy giving it to others because of contracts we signed and arrangements we made, we can only feel some vague pleasure, which we call well-being and security. But either way, it is all an elaborate excuse so as not to become the bigger version of ourselves.

Learning Objectives: Understand that until we can do what we really came to do (spiritual contract) we cannot be happy or do what we love. And this is the secret to a happy life

“Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation”

We are living in a complex, some would say difficult times. Part of the difficulty of these times is that humans don’t surrender to clarity and vision. This is because this requires that we release control. We understand control as our only way to survive when we feel fear: we hold tight to what we have or where we are in an attempt to diminish our anxiety, but this road doesn’t take us very far. We know that change is necessary for every cycle in our lives, both big and small, but our tendency is to act chaotically when we feel a lack of control. This translates into feelings of anxiety, lethargy, depression, fear, frustration, anger… And even though these are natural e-motions (energy-in-motion) they do require to be channelled or re-directed in order for us to create positive outcomes. “Tales of a Modern Alchemist” is a book born from the isolation of the Covid-19 virus lock-down. With these real and magical life stories, I intend to show the way that we can transmute all these fears into real-life positive actions in order to help us expand our view of the world and liberate our own-made prisons, once and for all”

* Note from the Author:

This book includes a complete full colour library of inspirational quotes extracted from the book created by the Author herself – feel free to use them as a daily motivational tool to stay focused as a Modern Alchemist.



Dear Student, Welcome to the Stargate Institute of Integration of Consciousness. I really hope you enjoy this course.

You may have to go through it a couple of times to integrate its content. I have added my book “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation” in the final page of resources and as a gift, which has 40 Inspirational Quotes at the back so that you can use them in your everyday life as a means of focus and inspiration.


This is the last lecture in the course. I give you four questions that you can answer to consolidate what you have learned and I give you the two books on Practical Spirituality and the Inspirational Quotes taken from the book in the resources tab.

1. What have been your main learning points during this journey of spiritual development?

2. Do you think your life is better today as a result of learning these strategies for success?

3. What will be your next step on this path?

4. Would you change something in this course that you think could have helped you a little more?

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